Sampoerna University Is Ready to Launch a New Partnership with University of Göettingen

Sampoerna University partnership with The University of Göettingen

Established with national and global standards, Sampoerna University is qualified to make substantive contributions to society through education. However, in order to offer more contributions to Indonesia, the university needs to forge collaborations with other institutions inside and outside of the country. As part of this noble effort, Faculty of Education, Sampoerna University had received a visit from a team of University of Göettingen, Germany, on August 28, 2019 at Sampoerna University campus, L’Avenue Office Building, Jakarta.

Both parties are about to start an academic partnership in design, application and evaluation in interdisciplinary approach and talk about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are relevant to Indonesian contexts. The interdisciplinary curriculum aims to come up with various most sought-after competencies in the 21st Century such as scientific reasoning, perspective taking, historical and sociocultural understanding, decision making, integrated problem solving dan linking local, national, regional and global SDGs issues.

The representatives of both universities also talked about research and publication collaboration plans in a sustainable manner that certainly serves as a very good learning environment for the academicians of Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Education.

The  University of Göettingen team was led by Prof. Susanne Boegeholz, a renowned education practitioner in Germany, particularly in Biology Education and interdisciplinary teacher education. The interdisciplinary approach that focuses on SDGs is a breakthrough and innovation itself in teacher education.

The rector of Sampoerna University, Dr. Wahdi Yudhi, stated he was glad to welcome another new partnership with an overseas university. “It shows that Sampoerna University is known in Europe, especially Germany. Also, once they understand our curriculum, there will be possibilities of exchanging students/ student mobility,”  he remarked.

Further, he hoped that the visit can be mutually beneficial. Partnerships with countries having better technology will enrich our lecturers and students’ knowledge, he added.

“We hope that the partnership plan may continue, develop and bring more positive impacts not only on our Faculty of Education but also on the entire education ecosystem in Indonesia,” stated Dean of Faculty of Education, Dr. Iwan Syahril, who also attended the talk. (*/)

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