04 Nov 2020

A Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing


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Digital Marketing – You are probably familiar with the term Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is one of the most exciting tools a business can use to increase its presence online. Inbound Marketing, Interactive Marketing, and online Customer Relationships are all efforts that fall under the umbrella term “Digital Marketing. Most companies have turned their efforts to the digital environment to pitch new clients and maintain relationships with the ones they already have.

That gives them an idea of the importance of Digital Marketing and what to expect when promoting products or deals on the internet. But have you tried to put together why this tool is so great at helping businesses reach more people and achieve their goals? To learn more about Digital Marketing, let’s revisit what Digital Marketing is in the first place to understand its role in the success of businesses in this day and age.

Digital Marketing is a term defined to achieve your business objectives and goals using the online channels that include but are not limited to search engines, social media platforms, content creation & advertising in order to educate, engage & market your product or service to potential buyers.

As a strategy, Digital Marketing is known to be one of the most successful. According to research conducted by responsify.com, as of 2020, 70% of internet users around the world preferred to learn about products through digital content versus traditional advertisements, 59% of consumers cited at least one or more channels as a source of initial awareness, with the most successful businesses spend 40% of their total marketing budget on digital content marketing and 89% of them ranked improving the ability to measure and analyze marketing impact as a top priority.

Here’s how you can get started in Digital Marketing. The most common strategies in Digital Marketing includes Google Bisnisku, WhatsApp for Business, Website, Business Email, Buyer Persona, Copywriting, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer, CTA, Leads, Marketing Tools, and Culinary Digital Marketing.

The most common strategies in Digital Marketing

Let’s breakdown each of the strategies to give you a more comprehensive tutorial on how to utilize Digital Marketing in your business.

  1. Registering your business on Google Bisnisku

Google Bisnisku is a service that instantly displays your business profile on search pages. Starting from the company address, operating hours, to business ratings. With Google Bisnisku, consumers can easily find your business. You can also display the best reviews from your customers as a means of promotion in a digital marketing strategy. To use it, you can register a business first. Then, fill in the required profiles.

  1. Utilizing WhatsApp for Business

There are quite a lot of WhatsApp users in Indonesia. If it is used for digital marketing efforts, of course, it will be very effective. However, you should not use regular WhatsApp, but instead, use WhatsApp for Business. The reason is that they have many special features such as business profiles, from product catalogs to message statistics. To use it, you can download the application, then complete your business profile. Don’t forget to also make other arrangements that suit your business needs.

  1. Building a Website

To run a digital marketing strategy without having a website is a must. The website is the center of your online business activity. Not only as an online identity but also to build a good and professional online reputation. There are many ways to create a website. However, the easiest is to use the WordPress platform. To do this, you just have to buy a domain and subscribe to hosting. Without a long process, your website is ready to go online.

  1. Utilizing Business Email

Your digital marketing strategies are incomplete without having an official business email. A business email is an email that uses your business domain name as an online identity. For example, hello@companyxyz.com. So, it’s no longer hello.companyxyz@gmail.com. Why is this important? Because it looks more professional and can increase customer trust. How to make it is very simple. Just specify the email platform to use and associate it with your domain name.

  1. Creating a Buyer Persona

Building a buyer persona is very important in general business success. In particular, in an effort to do digital marketing. The Buyer Persona is a profile representation of the targeted market for your product. By having a buyer persona, the promotional steps taken can be more targeted. To build a buyer persona, you have to start by doing deep research. Then, continue with a few other steps in a structured manner.

  1. Implementing Copywriting Strategy

Implementing copywriting correctly can boost your digital marketing efforts. Copywriting is a technique to make writing that is attractive and persuasive so that many people would buy the products being offered. You can use copywriting in all marketing media that you use. Starting from blogs, newsletters to advertisements on Google or Facebook. Learning copywriting can be done in six steps. Start with an understanding of your product first.

  1. Utilizing the correct SEO Techniques

If you already have a website, follow the steps by using SEO. Search Engine Optimization aims to make your website appear at the top of Google’s rankings. There are quite a lot of techniques in SEO. Starting from keywords research, optimization for a mobile-friendly website, to link building. However, learning SEO is not as difficult as you might think. if the goal is to increase the number of visitors to the website, SEO is one of the most effective ways.

  1. Utilizing SEM

In digital marketing, advertising is one of the most frequently used promotional methods. Including, advertising on search engines or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In order to be right on target, you need to understand how to determine the right ad target and budget. For beginners, starting with a small budget and a specific audience is certainly more effective. If successful, your conversion rate will certainly be high.

  1. Running Social Media Marketing

Many businesses rely on social media in their digital marketing efforts. The reason is, apart from being closer to consumers, the potential is also quite large, reaching 160 million users in Indonesia. For optimal results, social media marketing must be carried out in a well-planned manner. Starting from audience research, creating interesting content to using the right metrics.

  1. Running Email Marketing

Email can still be an effective way to promote products. You can try it because email marketing requires a small investment but offers big returns. If you’ve never done this before, start by choosing the right email marketing tools. Then, come up with a good email marketing strategy. Starting from building leads and creating market segmentation. Don’t forget to always do an evaluation to measure the success of the campaign being carried out.

  1. Collaborating with Influencers

This term has been booming recently. Influencers are people who are appointed to influence consumers to buy a certain product. Can be a blogger, YouTuber, and others. When you want to use influencers in your digital marketing strategy, there are a number of things that need to be considered. First, the type of influencer will be appointed. Second, how to choose the right influencer.

  1. Utilizing the right CTA

CTA is a text or banner that will invite visitors to do something. Examples are Buy It Now, Get It Here, and others. In digital marketing efforts, the role of CTA is very important to increase sales. Especially for visitors who are already on your website. To get optimal results, you need to know how to write the right CTA and position the right CTA. Thus, the conversion rate can be increased.

  1. Maximizing Leads to increase sales

If people are interested in your product, they will be willing to provide personal data, so they don’t miss the latest promotional info. Those are called leads. Leads will make your marketing efforts easier, especially when sending promotional content. In addition, it will be easier for you to map potential customers based on their product needs. To get leads, there are steps you can take. One thing that is often done is creating landing pages and creating premium content.

  1. Choosing Marketing Tools for Business

The most effective way to carry out a digital marketing strategy is to use marketing tools. With these tools, you can carry out various marketing efforts with ease. Marketing tools can be in the form of to-do lists for managing job lists, email automation applications, applications for analyzing data, to tools to help SEO efforts. By utilizing marketing tools, you can focus more on strategic planning for other businesses.

With all those strategies and benefits, it isn’t hard to understand the importance of Digital Marketing to businesses: it drives growth and is great to help build lifelong relationships with customers. It makes the efforts in the digital environment a must by big and small companies alike if they want to succeed in business. How are your Digital Marketing efforts panning out? Don’t have a strategy yet? The time to start is now at Sampoerna University.

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