Sampoerna University has been actively encouraging research and community service activities as the embodiment of Tri Dharma of Indonesian Higher Education. Therefore, Center for Research and Community Service (CRCS) unit has been established under the VRASA (Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs) Office to facilitate and administer research and community service activities conducted by our faculties.

The main responsibilities of CRCS unit are:

  • To help our faculties to organize the basic research, advance research, and/or applied research;
  • To produce innovations that are useful for higher education and for the supremacy of the nation while observing academic norms and ethics based on the scientific autonomic principle of the vision and mission of Sampoerna University; as well as provision of laws and regulations through cooperation with government, industry and community;
  • To assist our faculties to organize the community service in the form of services, empowerment and/or cooperation with the communities with due observance of the norms, ethics, and in line with the respective academic competencies; and
  • To carry out the community services individually or collaboratively with other faculties and/or students by applying science and technology. These studies are expected to empower the people, improve the people’s intelligence and the required soft skills, and develop the intellectual life of the nation.


Some of our research faculties have recently published their academic papers at reputable international journals such as Global Finance Journal and Journal of Fluids and Structures. What follows is some of them:

  • Prof. Teddy Mantoro (Computer Science)
    He published his research titled “Personalized Adaptive System for Elderly Care in Smart Home Using a Fuzzy Inference System” in International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications (IJPCC), Vol. 14, issue 3, November 2018 (Scimago Journal & Country Rank Q3). Click here to learn more about Prof. Teddy’s research.
  • Dr. Wahyoe Soedarmono (Management)
    He published his research titled “Foreign Penetration, Competition, and Credit Risk in Banking” in Borsa Istanbul Review in June 2019 (Scimago Journal & Country Rank Q2). Click here to learn more about Dr. Wahyoe’s research.
  • Dr. Farid Triawan (Mechanical Engineering)
    He published his research titled “Vibration characteristics of cylindrical shells filled with fluid based on first-order shell theory” in the Journal of Fluids and Structures, Vol. 85, Pp. 275-291 in January 2019 (Scimago Journal & Country Rank Q1). Click here to learn more about Dr. Farid’s research.

Community Service

Sampoerna University has thus far conducted a number of community service activities. Below is some of them:

  • Faculty of Education English Education Department initiated a joint community service program with International Humanity Foundation (IHF) Jakarta (Yayasan Asah Asih Asuh) to give Literature Circle education for unfortunate youth and children from Kelurahan Cipinang Muara, Jatinegara, East Jakarta District in April 2019.


  • Faculty of Business lecturers and students from across SU conducted community service activities in teaching Business English, helping the community plant mangroves seeds, and removing marine debris that pollutes the environment together with natives of Pari Island, North Jakarta District in May 2019.


  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology held a community service activity that aimed to provide entrepreneurial workshops for “Ibu-Ibu PKK” (neighborhood housewives) in February 2019 in Kelurahan Baru, Kecamatan Pasar Rebo, South Jakarta District.