The Faculty of Arts and Science is the home department of the core curricuum as well as interdisciplinary degree programs. The core of Sampoerna University’s American-style curriculum is the breadth of foundational courses completed during the first two years of study. Study programs within the disciplines of humanities, science, and social science will also reside in FAS, such as the new major in Psychology.

Why Sampoerna University
Faculty of Arts & Science?

Interdisciplinary Studies Build Critical Thinking Skills!

The U.S. model of higher education emphasizes a broad base of interdisciplinary coursework, plus the skills to connect the disciplines for advanced study and real-world application. The core curriculum includes humanities, communication, mathematics, science, and social science which are relevant to any major, and build skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

Relevant Academic Programs

FAS offers an educational portfolio that focuses on delivering academic programs that align with the nation’s demand for highly-trained individuals to fill high-demand jobs in the various sectors of business management, human resources, social services and academia.. Programs in FAS ensure that our graduates are well-positioned to compete for jobs in Indonesia and abroad.

Curriculum that Meets International Standards

The FAS curriculum has been co-developed to meet the national requirements (for the S1-Sarjana) as well as American baccalaureate standards. General Education courses and FAS program credits are accepted for transfer by most universities in the U.S. Dual degree programs are also available within Indonesia at SU.

Instruction by Expert Faculty

All lecturers in FAS hold graduate degrees, well above the national qualifications average at universities. Many of our faculty also have international credentials and experience, providing them with unique, international perspectives that enrich the learning experience for our students.

Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning

Technology-enhanced teaching and learning. The teaching and learning environment integrates best-in-class digital resources that promote learning inside and outside the classroom. Technology is not just used as a social tool for enjoyment, but a powerful learning tool that allows students to create, explore and become creators of their own knowledge.

Small Class Sizes

Each class is limited to 30 students. This gives every student the opportunity to be engaged in a more effective learning manner as she/he can have more interactions with classmates and with the lecturer. Small class sizes also provide a supportive environment for the realization of student-centered learning approaches that promote critical and creative thinking.

English as the Language of Instruction

In all FAS programs, the language of instruction is English to prepare students for advanced study abroad and for multinational careers.

Academic Staff at FAS

Sampoerna University Alumni

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