The Faculty of Business offers an international curriculum unique in Indonesia to develop students’ broader understanding of global business challenges and to become successful and responsible professionals. Programs and credentials tailored to specific industries are available to meet student interests and goals, and our network of industry partnerships will elevate career advancement in the increasingly globalized business environment.

  • The Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Sampoerna University strives

  • To provide an education in engineering and technology having international standards, built around an American general education core, that prepares its graduates as highly competent, entrepreneur minded, and socially responsible leaders; and are committed to giving back to Indonesia and society.

  • To conduct innovative research in the field of engineering and technology for the benefits of humankind.

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Why Sampoerna University Faculty of Business?

Relevant Academic Programs

Programs in FOB are designed to meet the nation’s talent shortage and insure that all of our students are well-positioned to compete for jobs in Indonesia and abroad. The shortage of highly-trained managers at all levels required to fill jobs in Indonesian firms is already acute. FOB graduates have a100% employment rate within two months of graduation.

International Curriculum

Students are exposed to a broad range of global business practices to acquire a diverse business skillset and global awareness which are essential in today’s globalized business landscape. The FOB curriculum aligns with those of top U.S. and internationall universities.

Top-Notch Business Lecturers

All lecturers are well-qualified in business fields – accounting, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship – and many have academic degrees from international universities. They have strong links to industry and professional associations. Their practical knowledge, expertise, and networks in the business community enhance the student learning experience and inspire innovation.

Partnership Network

The Faculty of Business collaborates with local, national, and global institutions to provide access to a wider range resources and expertise, enrich the learning experience, expand opportunities for students, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

Innovative Programs

The Faculty of Business offers a flexible curriculum that allows students to focus on a specific area of interest in business or pursue a general management program. Each study program has concentration and certificate options to meet students’ aspirations and industry demand.

Student-Centered Learning

Small class sizes provide students with greater opportunity to engage in class discussion, to interact with other students, and participate in simulations. Academic support is available to ensure the academic success and well-being of our students: course advising, tutoring, student health services and career guidance are provided to complement their studies.


The Faculty of Business provides courses, services, and facilities that enable students to reach their maximum potential. All SU students complete internships, and many receive job offers before graduation. Our alumni work in major multinational companies: KPMG, Deloitte, Citibank, Unilever, Samsung, and many others.

FOB Alumni


FOB Success Stories – Our Graduates

FOB graduates can be absorbed by national companies (i.e. BNI, BCA, Bank Mandiri, Gojek) and multinational companies (i.e. Citibank, Bank of America, G4S, British American Tobacco, Samsung) with mostly less than 6 months waiting time after the graduation. Moreover, the graduates’ employment is aligned with the graduate profile of FOB. 











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