Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way companies control, improve, and distribute their products and services. Manufacturers are integrating new technologies, including AI and machine learning, cloud computing & analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) into their production facilities and across their operations. Moreover, the market has become more open due to the support of digital technology and Indonesia has become part of the global market. Therefore, human resources with the ability to meet the needs of today’s workforce are urgently needed. The curriculum at the Faculty of Business has been designed and adapted to the demands of the Industry 4.0 era and the current state of global business. For example, the use of software as well as digital technology support/discussion for various subjects such as accounting, financial management, operations, human resources, marketing, research methods, and business strategy.

The programs offered are International Class with Bachelor’s of Accounting and mirroring bachelor’s S1 from Sampoerna University and Bachelor’s from the University of Arizona. 9 of 10 Sampoerna University graduates get employed within 3 months after graduation.



August 13, 2018


August 13, 2018



August 13, 2018


August 13, 2018



An internationally recognized business school that develops potential entrepreneurs and future leaders who will contribute to the growth of the nation.


FOB will provide business education that develops graduates with a global perspective, an entrepreneurial spirit, leadership qualities, and a sense of social responsibility so that they may be capable of contributing to the development of Indonesian society and business on the local, national and international stage.


Focuses On Delivering Relevant Academic Programs

A purpose built educational portfolio that focuses on delivering academic programs that align with the nation’s demand for highly-trained individuals to fill high-demand jobs in the business management, banking and financial services sectors. Programs in FOB are designed to meet the nation’s talent shortage and insure that all of our students are well-positioned to compete for jobs in Indonesia and abroad. According to Boston Consulting Group, the shortage of highly-trained managers at all levels required to fill jobs in Indonesian firms is already acute. FOB graduates have over 100% employment rate within 2 months of graduation.

Language Of Instruction Is English

The language of instruction is English to prepare students for jobs with leading multi-national corporations.

Learn From The Best Faculty

Learn from the best faculty. Over 75% of faculty in FOB hold doctoral degrees. This is over 5x the average for other FOB’s in Indonesia. Many of our faculty also have degrees from foreign universities—providing them with a unique, international perspective that enriches the learning experience for our students. Students also benefit from numerous visiting lecturers from the United States who provide guest lectures on a regular basis at SU.

Offer A Concentration In Finance, Banking, Digital Marketing, & Entrepreneurship

One of the few Faculty in Indonesia to offer a concentration in finance and banking, accounting, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing.

As part of a unique partnership with one of the most reputable banks worldwide to improve financial literacy and banking education in Indonesia, the curriculum has been developed in close partnership with banking experts to align with the current needs of the banking and financial sector in Indonesia.

Entrepreneurship and digital marketing programs exist to answer the current massive demand for human resources in this field. Our curriculum combines coursework and real-world application, giving the students first-hand experience in understanding the entrepreneurial principles and the fundamental marketing knowledge that are intertwined in their real-life application.


Real-world, experiential learning opportunities are provided by monthly CEO Talk Series (where leading CEO’s visit Sampoerna University and participate in a Q&A session with faculty and students), Company Visit Series (where students visit leading companies in and around Jakarta), Internship Opportunities in prestigious companies (such as The Big 4 Financial Firms (Deloitte, KPMG, PWC and E&Y), Unilever, 3M, Leo Burnett, etc), Investment Gallery and a Business Simulation exercise where students plan their own business and have it reviewed by an outside panel.

A Unique Study Abroad Opportunity For Business Students

A unique study abroad opportunity for business students as part of our partnership with universities in the U.S., students in FOB have the ability to study abroad and earn credits that directly applies to their degree at SU, pending one or two semesters at our U.S. university partners.

Our academic collaboration with the University of Arizona provides students with the opportunity to earn a mirroring Bachelor of Business Administration degree from UA, in addition to an S1 Manajemen degree from SU.

Technology-Enhanced Teaching And Learning

Technology-enhanced teaching and learning. The teaching and learning environment integrates best-in-class digital resources that promote learning inside and outside the classroom. Technology is not just used as a social tool for enjoyment, but a powerful learning tool that allows students to create, explore and become creators of their own knowledge.

Curriculum That Meets International Standards

Curriculum that meets international standards—the curriculum offered by FOB at Sampoerna University has been co-developed to not only meet the national requirements (for the S1-Sarjana) but to exceed them by meeting American standards. FOB students have the opportunity to earn a U.S. Associate’s degree and/or Bachelor’s degree. All of our Indonesian S1 degrees include U.S. Diploma Supplements from leading American universities.


Full Time Lecturer

Dr. Wahyoe Soedarmono, Ph.D.

Dean of Faculty of Business

Ph. D. Finance and Banking, Univ. De Limoges, France.

Pananda Pasaribu, Ph. D.

Head of Management Study Program

Ph. D. in Finance, The University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Andrey Hasiholan Pulungan, M.Comm., Ak., CA., CPA (Aust.)

Head of Accounting Study Program

Master of Commerce in Accounting , Australian National University, Australia, 2009

Christian H. Pangaribuan, M.B.A.

International Relationship Coordinator

Master of Business Administration, University of New Haven, USA.

Dr. Muhril Ardiansyah

Economics Lecturer

Ph. D. in Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, USA.

Sentot B. Prayitno, MM

Management Lecturer

Master Degree from PPM School of Management

Tri Wismiarsi, Ph.D

Management Lecturer

Doctoral Degree From Monash University, Australia

Kenny Fernando, M.S.Ak

Accounting Lecturer

Master of Science in Accounting, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Silvia Eka Putri, M.Ak., CAP

Accounting Lecturer

Master Degree: Accounting Bina Nusantara Graduate Program

Arnaldo Purba, Ph.D.

Arnaldo Purba, Ph.D.

Accounting Lecturer

Ph.D in Commerce, the Australian National University

Part Time Lecturer

Ir. Andry Adiwinarso M. Eng

Management Lecturer

Master Degree: Engineering Management, Cornell University

Faris Windiarti, S.Pd., M.S.Ak.

Management Lecturer

Master's Degree: (Accounting Science) University of Indonesia

Dr. Widya Agustina Siregar, S.H., M.H.

Management Lecturer

Doctorate Degree: (Law) Padjadjaran University

Bun Sucento, S.E., M.B.A.

Management Lecturer

Master's Degree: (Management) The University of Dallas
Master's Degree: (Business Administration) Pittsburg State University

Patricia Jesica Irene, S.E., M.A.

Accounting Lecturer

Master's Degree: (International Business) The University of Melbourne

Carolina Sari, S.Ak., M.Ak.

Accounting Lecturer

Master's Degree: (Accounting) Tarumanagara University

Luciana Haryono, S.E., M.M., M.Ak.

Accounting Lecturer

Master's Degree: (Management) Prasetiya Mulya University
Master's Degree: (Accounting) University of Indonesia

Budi Kurniawan, S.E., MA., M.Ak.

Accounting Lecturer

Master's Degree: (Art) Wolverhampton University
Master's Degree: (Accounting) University of Indonesia

Atyanto Edhie Purwanto, S.Ak., M.M.

Accounting Lecturer

Master's Degree: (Management) Gadjah Mada University

Dr. Christy Dwita Mariana, S.T., M.M.

Dr. Christy Dwita Mariana, S.T., M.M.

Management Lecturer

Doctorate Degree: Ph.D in Finance and Banking Management, Universitas Indonesia

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