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Faculty of Business

Digital Marketing

Effective marketing drives innovation, impacts strategy, and drives the performance of corporations and organizations. A General Management degree with a Concentration in Digital Marketing from Sampoerna University provides you with fundamental marketing knowledge and critical skills in marketing analysis, decision-making and effective communication to power organizations. Given today’s changing marketing landscape, our graduates gain a distinct advantage in that they can also earn a degree from the University of Arizona—one of the leading universities in the world. In 2017, all of the graduates of FOB had obtained employment within 2 months of graduation.

Digital technology plays a prominent role in the new world of marketing. The use of digital technology becomes the key to marketing products and services. Digital Marketing itself is a marketing strategy that utilizes existing digital technology and has been widely used by companies in this era of industrial revolution 4.0. Therefore, it plays a very important part in the sustainability of a business

9 out of 10 graduates get employed 3 months after graduation.

Career Pathway


Graduates will have a wide variety of career options, including but not limited to:

  • Key Account Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Market Researchers
  • Retail Managers
  • Marketing Channel Managers
  • Public Relations Managers

Vision & Mission


To become an internationally recognized study program by 2030 in the area of Management by developing the values of entrepreneurial, leadership and social responsibility that can contribute to the nation’s growth.


  • Providing excellent Management education by combining innovative science-based academic programs.
  • Produce good quality research in the field of Management to support the sustainability of community.
  • Carry out community service activities in the field of Management.
  • Organizing education Management and collaboration according to the principles of good university governance.


Program Educational Objectives

  • To produce internationally competitive Business Management graduates who can become ethical business people or entrepreneurs and can lead with integrity.
  • To produce Business Management graduates with strong communication and collaboration skills who can act and think globally.
  • To produce applied scientific and research works that can contribute to the field of business at the regional, national and international level.
  • To produce Management graduates who have a sense of responsibility for national social and economic development to improve the quality of life through their work and service.
  • To develop a strong alumni network of talented graduates who can share their experience and expertise for the betterment of others.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply essential content knowledge regarding the management of self, others and organizations.
  • Analyze and improve knowledge and skills with a self-development profile.
  • Conduct an analysis of stakeholders and formulate ethical business decisions.
  • Assess teams to facilitate and improve teamwork and team performance.
  • Execute a project to achieve task and person-focused objectives.
  • Perform a strategic analysis appropriate to a variety of organizational environments.
  • Conduct analysis of organizational environments to introduce elements of innovation and best practices.

Digital Marketing

+Bachelor of General Management (S1)