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Product Development: Definisi, Fungsi, hingga Tahapannya

Faculty of Business


Management Study Programs aim to prepare graduates to work in the global market, to apply their knowledge for the development of society and to meet demands from various stakeholders, such as governmental institutions, private sector and international organizations Management Study Program covers a wide range of skills and knowledge, including general skill areas addressed in the Foundation Studies and Management/Business subjects. 

Students may choose one of three concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Banking and Finance, and Digital Marketing.  The Entrepreneurship Concentration gives students the latest ideas in new venture creation, financing, growth, and innovation. The Banking and Finance Concentration is leading the way to educate the next generation of professionals in the banking and financial services sector. Co-developed with one of the most reputable banks worldwide, our program provides the best practical experience with academic training from faculty and practitioners.  The Digital Marketing Concentration provides students with fundamental marketing knowledge and critical skills in marketing analysis, decision-making, and effective communication to power organizations.

The Bachelor’s Degree is a 4-year degree program offering the opportunity for students to study a defined Management Study Program. Students in this program can also earn a degree from the University of Arizona —one of the leading universities in the world. 9 out of 10 graduates get employed 3 months after graduation

Competencies to achieve:

  1. Have the ability to think analytically and critically including addressing effectively business and management problems and supporting business decisions using appropriate techniques.
  2. Be able to communicate effectively both in written format and oral communication in business settings to convey arguments using ethical understanding and reasoning.
    Display leadership traits that pay attention to ethical issues and appropriate business and management solutions.
  3. Have the ability to think creatively by displaying innovative thinking to solve business and management problems and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Career Pathways

With experience, graduates may become:

Entrepreneurship Concentration


The graduates are able to provide a thoughtful, practical step-by-step guide to the process of successfully launching and growing an entrepreneurship venture with a focus on opportunity recognition and feasibility analysis. Specifically, they have strong knowledge and skills in recognizing opportunities and generating ideas, feasibility studies, business plans, industry and competitor analysis, business model development, the preparation of ethical and legal foundation, assessing a venture’s financial strength and viability, building the venture team, funding, and marketing. Graduates will have a wide variety of career options, including but not limited to:



  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Manager
  • Business Intelligent Analyst



Digital Marketing Concentration


Marketing professionals, more than most other business functional departments, deal directly with customers. Today’s successful companies and organizations have one thing in common – they are strongly customer-focused and heavily committed to marketing. By understanding marketing concepts, individuals better understand marketing through the lens of creating value for customers and building profitable customer relationships. Graduates will have a wide variety of career options, including but not limited to:



  • Product managers
  • Brand managers
  • Business development managers
  • Marketing channels managers
  • Public relations managers
  • Retail Managers
  • Sales & marketing managers
  • Digital marketers
  • Marketing communication managers


Banking and Finance Concentration


The Banking and Finance concentration equips graduates with skills related to Financial Valuation, Investment, and risk management with the ultimate goal of strengthening firms’ performance.   Students will also be exposed to  best practices in the banking and finance sectors which prepare them to anticipate new trends in the sector. Graduates will have a wide variety of career options, including but not limited to:



  • Corporate Treasurers
  • Financial advisers
  • Financial risk analysts
  • Insurance brokers
  • Investment analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • Loan officers
  • Retail bankers
  • Risk managers
  • Financial economists


Vision & Mission


To become an internationally recognized study program by 2030 in the area of Management by developing the values of entrepreneurial, leadership and social responsibility that can contribute to the nation’s growth.


  • Providing excellent Management education by combining innovative science-based academic programs.
  • Produce good quality research in the field of Management to support the sustainability of the community.
  • Carry out community service activities in the field of Management.
  • Organizing education management and collaboration according to the principles of good university governance.


  • Produce qualified and highly competitive graduates to become entrepreneurs and leaders with ethics and integrity.
  • Produce graduates who have international insight and are able to communicate in the international job market.
  • Produce applied research and scientific works that can contribute to the development of science and technology, the needs of the business world, and the academic world at the national, regional and international levels. 4. Produce graduates who have responsibility for national economic development to improve the quality of life through community service programs.
  • Build a strong alumni network.



Strategic Plans

Management Study Program has provided 5-year objectives to ensure continual improvement for its existence:





Program Educational Objectives

Program Learning Outcomes

Attitudes (A):


  1. Devoted to God Almighty and able to present a religious attitude
  2. Uphold humanistic values in carrying out duties based on religion, morals and ethics
  3. Contribute in improving the quality of the community, citizenship and civilized progress based on the Pancasila.
  4. Act as a citizen who is proud and loves his/her homeland, nationalistic and has a sense of
    responsibility to the state and the nation.
  5. Appreciate cultural diversity, views, religions, beliefs, and other people’s original opinions.
  6. Able to cooperate, have social sensitivity, and care about the community and the environment.
  7. Obey the law and discipline in being part of the community and in exercising citizenship.
  8. Internalize values, norms, and academic ethics.
  9. Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards work in the field of expertise independently.
  10. Internalize the spirit of independence, tenacity, and entrepreneurship.


Knowledge (K) :


  1. Able to comprehend logical, critical, and systematic thinking in implementing management skills for problem-solving
  2. Able to comprehend the implication of changes or implementation management skills based on the correct rules, procedures, and ethics in creating ideas, designs, critics, or solutions.
  3. Able to comprehend the theoretical thinking in the management field, especially in the context of planning and rating businesses, and formulating problem-solving in a business.
  4. Able to comprehend the concept of making the right business decisions and capable of evaluating decisions with cognitive autonomy.
  5. Able to have excellent interpersonal communication, both verbal and written and have a skill set in teamwork or group project.
  6. Able to comprehend, develop, and implement information to learn independently.
  7. Able to make the right decisions based on data and to choose varying alternative solutions, independently and in groups.


General Skills (GS) :


  1. Able to implement logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking, within the context of development or implementation of science and technology that cares and applies the appropriate humanistic values related to his/her area of expertise
  2. Able to demonstrate the ability to work independently, with quality and measurable performance;
  3. Able to review developmental areas or science and technology implementations which applies humanistic values in accordance with his/her expertise based on scientific rules, procedures and ethics in order to improve solutions, ideas, designs or artistic criticisms
  4. Capable of preparing scientific descriptions of the results produced in a thesis form or final project report, and upload them into the higher education website;
  5. Capable of making decisions appropriately to solve problem in his/her area of expertise based on the analysis of information and data
  6. Able to maintain and develop his/her working network with advisors, colleagues, and peers in both inside and outside his/her institution.
  7. Capable of taking responsibility for the group’s work achievement by conducting appropriate supervision and evaluation towards work completion assigned to those who work under his/her responsibility;
  8. Able to conduct self-evaluation process related to the work of the group who is under his/her responsibility, and manage independent learning;
  9. Capable of documenting, storing, securing, and rediscovering data to ensure validity and prevent plagiarism;
  10. Demonstrate quantitative reasoning and develop graphical facility. Able to to apply a deductive and/or inductive approach to inquiry and demonstrate methodical problem-solving skills; (Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning)
  11. Able to write clearly and coherently; speak and listen interactively; and apply non-verbal communication techniques
  12. Able to locate information, read and evaluate with a critical comprehension of information able to use it effectively to support an argument or solve a problem.


Specific Skills (SS) :


  1. Able to implement creative thinking to understand business theories, including business planning, marketing, financial planning and reporting, implementation/operational business risk management, and human resource planning.
  2. Able to have critical and analytical perspectives in identifying and problem-solving in real business problems.
  3. Able to convey key concepts concisely in an appropriate written format and oral presentation.
  4. Able to able to display leadership traits in group settings and recognize ethical dilemmas in business and diagnose appropriate solutions.
  5. Able to have global perspectives to assess the way in which global business/economic context influence national business environment

Graduate Profiles


  • The graduates have a good understanding of the concepts and theories of Management (Management Science) therefore they are able to apply that knowledge in the organization with professionalism principle. 
  • The graduates have skills in Management (Management Science) so they are able to do research and conduct community services as well as able to adapt to the advancement of sciences and technology.
  • The graduates have the capability and characteristics that are needed to be a manager so they can plan, organize, lead, communicate, negotiate, and handle the organization with responsibility based on honesty and sympathy values.
  • The graduates have the entrepreneurial spirit and ability characterized by managerial skills, creative and innovative thinking, good networking, and the ability to adapt to changes so they can contribute to the development of Indonesia as well as the global community.