Faculty of Education aims to accelerate the educational transformation in Indonesia and beyond to meet the 21st century challenges. To pursue this agenda, we offer curricula that place an emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches, new technologies, reflective and research skills, and theory-practice integration. All programs are informed by the contemporary educational research and best practices. These programs are designed to produce high-quality transformative educators with a passion for lifelong learning, and with a commitment to rethink teaching and redesign learning for current and future learners. These are the pre-service education programs:

FoE Vision & Mission Statements


FoE becomes an institution that creates high quality educators with strong moral characters and leadership, internationally competitive skills set to transform education for better Indonesia.


  • To offer education with national and international standards, applying a unique curriculum that is based on American General Education core, enabling the students to complete their study at the Faculty of Education, or abroad for recognized transfer.
  • To provide excellent services to support student success, preparing them with co-curricular and professional opportunities to become educators to transform education in Indonesia.
  • To collaborate with strategic partners to be a center of excellence in research and community services to improve education.
  • Create high-quality 21st century education leaders for Indonesia with the passion for lifelong learning who possess the distinctive Sampoerna University’s characteristics of “Leadership,” “Entrepreneurship”, and “Social Responsibility”, and are committed to transforming Indonesian education.

  • Become Indonesia’s premier faculty of education based on contemporary education sciences, rigorous international professional standards, local compliance, scholarly activities, and practical experience with local communities.

  • Collaborate with strategic partners to be a center of excellence in transformative education.

Why Sampoerna University Faculty of Education?

High Rates Of Employment In The Best Schools

Many of our graduates have multiple job offers prior to graduation. Almost 100% are employed within 2 months of graduation. Our graduates have earned a reputation for excellence and teach in National, National Plus, and International Schools in Indonesia. In fact, one of our graduates is teaching mathematics in Canada! Our alumni are passionate lifelong learners. Many have pursued further studies and received prestigious scholarships such as Fulbright Scholarship, Australian Awards, Chevening Awards, and LPDP Scholarship to study in world-class universities such as University of Melbourne, Monash University, Oxford University, University of College London, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, University of Glasgow, University of Toronto, and Syracuse University.

Small Class Sizes

Each class is limited to 30 students. This gives every student the opportunity to be engaged in a more effective learning manner as she/he can have more interactions with classmates and with the lecturer. Small class sizes also provide a supportive environment for the realization of student-centered learning approaches that promote critical and creative thinking.

New Technologies

The advancement of new technologies enables new ways of learning. Students in the Faculty of Education will be immersed in new technologies from the very beginning. Not only will they be engaged in multiple modes of learning (face-to-face, blended, and online), but they will also learn skills such as coding and apps development. They will also learn to understand how internet of things impacts education. These skills and understanding will enable our graduates to reimagine teaching and learning for 21st-century learners in multiple contexts.

Contextual Learning Through The School Experience Program (SEP)

School Experience Program (SEP) is a systematic orientation for students in the Faculty of Education to understand and enact teaching, integrate theory-practice, and develop the tools and dispositions to study teaching. Starting in the first semester, students in the Faculty of Education are assigned to learn in real K-12 classroom settings. In addition to developing an understanding of learners and learning to teach their subject in diverse contexts, they also develop inquiry skills, a critical vision of good teaching, and a strong commitment to students and student learning. SEP is conducted every semester and senior students will work as interns in schools.

Learning From Experts With Firsthand Knowledge In Education

Educator Sharing Network (ESN) is a forum for scholars and experts in the field of education to share best practices, ideas, and innovations. This forum reinforces our goal of making sure our students are work-ready and world-ready. ESN becomes a hub where education professionals contribute to the development of education in Indonesia through presentations and sharing sessions.

The National Educator Conference

The National Educator Conference is hosted biennially by Sampoerna University as part of our commitment to advancing educational and school administration best practices across Indonesia. These events typically bring hundreds of educationists to our campus every other year. This provides a unique opportunity for our students to network and learn from teachers, education administrators, lecturers, development agencies and government officials.

Capstone Project: Applying Knowledge In Real Contexts

As a requirement to graduate from Faculty of Education, senior students have to participate in Capstone projects. This project provides students with various learning experiences – obtained through the School Experience Program, the Community Service Program (CSP – KKN in Indonesian)- and the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired through the coursework. There are three alternatives by which students can accomplish the project

Academic Staff at FoE

Dr. Soepriyatna

Acting Dean of Faculty of Education

Ph. D. in Linguistics, Atma Jaya University, Indonesia

Dr. C.I.W. Eka Budiartha, M.A

Head of English Language Education Program

Master of Arts in Linguistics, Nanzan University, Japan

Desyarti Safarini TLS, M. Si.

Head of Mathematics Education Study Program

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), Indonesia

Zulfiya Ismailova, M.A

Head of English for Academic Purposes

Master's Degree: California State University, Fresno

Dr. Vera Syamsi

English Language Education Lecturer

Ph. D. in Literary Studies, University of Indonesia

Susilowaty, M.A

English Language Education Lecturer

Master's Degree: Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois, U.S.A

Julia Frances Lonan, B.A, M.A

English Language Education Lecturer

Bachelor of Arts, Concordia University Wisconsin, USA

Maria Niayu Risma Novianti, M.A.

English Language Lecturer

B.Ed in Bac English Education, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Indonesia.

Faradillah Hariani, M.Si

Mathematics Education Lecturer

B.Ed in Mathematics Education , Universitas Negeri Surabaya, , Indonesia, 2013

Deshinta P.A.D Argaswari, M. Pd.

Mathematics Education Lecturer

Master of Education in Mathematics Education, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia

Anissa Pane, M.A.

English Language Education Lecturer

Bachelor's Degree: Sampoerna School of Education