Transform lives with your Mathematics teaching capability

The Mathematics Education (ME) study program provides undergraduates to become high quality 21st century mathematics teachers who are able to use English as the medium of instruction and to integrate technology to enhance mathematics teaching and learning. This program also equips students with profound mathematical knowledge and skills to enable them to teach mathematics at all levels of the basic and secondary education system. Students have the opportunity to develop their understanding on learners and learning necessary for designing and implementing meaningful mathematics teaching and learning. They are exposed to diverse mathematics curriculums and teaching experiences in several schools in order to be enriched and critical, and get ready in various real class situations.

Students will be trained as reflective practitioners to become lifelong learners. The program is also designed to facilitate aspiring teachers in excelling their leadership to become visionary teacher leaders in schools and society. They are provided by the learning environment that promotes not only integrity, creativity, and critical thinking skills, but also collaborative and entrepreneurship skills necessary for participating in a global community.

Career Pathways

Bachelor of Education in Mathematics Education is committed to create a new generation of mathematics teachers who pursue their careers in a wide array of opportunities in the field of education. They will be able to teach Mathematics at different level of primary and secondary education systems and at different contexts including in formal and informal education settings such tutoring and youth centers. With the ability to use English as the medium of instruction, they have significant strengths to teach in international-oriented schools with students from various backgrounds.

The capacity in conducting educational research and developing educational programs will allow the graduates to take part in education development projects and pursue their careers in national and international developmental agencies or non-government organizations.

Graduate Profile

FoE’s graduates are future leaders who are passionate about lifelong learning and transforming education, with strong abilities in interdisciplinary thinking and new technologies, who have great skills and enthusiasm in teaching, be of good moral fibre, and be willing to contribute to the transformation of the society.

FoE graduates will possess the following competencies:

  • Interdisciplinary thinking, focusing on six core competencies: critical thinking, effective communication, ethical reasoning, global learning, information literacy, and quantitative literacy
  • Skillful in new technologies in ICT
  • Inquiry-oriented (reflective and research skills)
  • Professional
    • Commitment to students and student learning
    • Mastering the subjects and the ways to teach those subjects to students
    • Knowing different ways in managing and monitoring student learning
    • Thinking systematically about teaching practices and learning from experience
    • Engagement in learning communities
  • Transformative (Creative, Innovative, Effective, Confident)
  • Bilingual
  • Sampoerna DNA — Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility

Mathematics Education Degree Plan

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Mathematics Education

+ Bachelor of Education (S1)

Degree Plan

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