Indonesian Journal of Computing, Engineering, and Design (IJoCED) (p-ISSN:2656-1972, e-ISSN:2656-8179)

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Indonesian Journal of Computing, Engineering, and Design (IJoCED)  (p-ISSN:2656-1972, e-ISSN:2656-8179) is an international and open access peer-reviewed journal, published by Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Sampoerna University. IJoCED published original reserach papers, state of the art reviews and innovative projects on topics laveraging all aspects of Computing, Engineering & Design and their cross-disciplinary applications: from theory to practice. Thus, manuscripts that cover any related issues are encouraged to be submitted to IJoCED. The IJoCED is commited to providing access to quality research article in the area of Computing, Engineering & Design and the cross-disciplinary among areas for all interested readers. The IJoCED will be published two times a year in April and October.

Papers Types Accepted

The IJoCED accepts the three following types of papers:

Research Papers. Research Papers present and discuss the most up-to-date, relevant, and profound results within the scope of the IJoCED. The novelty and originality of results should be supported by appropiate citations and literature review.

Technical Papers. Technical papers present new solutions and recommendations in the fields of Computing, Engineering and Design to establish meaningful links between research and practice. Presentation of practical applications of techniques, tools, methods, processes, and/or principles should be the key value of this type of paper.

Review Papers.  Review papers focus on past and current trends in the fields of computing, engineering & design and critically analyze  these trends to provide insight for new directions in research and inquiry.


Only original and previously unpublished manuscripts will be considered for review. Furthermore, simultaneous submissions are not acceptable. Submission of a manuscript is intepreted as a statement of certification that no part of the manuscript is copyrighted by any other publication nor is under review by any other formal publication. It is the primary responsibility of the author to obtain proper permission for the use of any copyrighted materials in the manuscript, prior to the submission of the manuscript.

Review Process

Each submission is accordingly blind reviewed by at least two until three reviewers who are experts in the related area presented on the manuscript. Revised manuscripts will be reviewed again by the original review panel. Return of a manuscript to the author(s) for revision does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript for publication. The final decision will be based upon the comments of the reviewers, upon their second review of the revised manuscript.

Author's Statements And Copyright

Authors are asked to sign an “Author Statements for Publication” upon acceptance of their manuscript before it can be published.  All copyrights, including translation of the published material into other languages, are reserved by the publisher, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Sampoerna University. Upon transfer of the copyright to the publisher, no part of the manuscript may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher, except for non-commercial, educational use such as for classroom teaching purposes.

Format And Style

  • All manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word format (.doc or .docx).
  • Submitted manuscripts must follow the paper format/template. References (25-30) should relate only to material cited within the manuscript and be listed in alphabetical order, including the author’s name, complete title of the cited work, title of the source, volume, issue, year of publication and pages cited. Please do not include any abbreviations.
  • No limitation on the submitted manuscript but it needs to be reasonable length to present the chosen topic
  • Please avoid using appendices, except by negotiation with the Editor-in-Chief
  • Figures need to be high quality images and without borders. Scans are discouraged but if explicitly required can be included
  • Graphs should have no borders and include a clear standalone caption below describing content of the graph
  • Please include an Acknowledgement section for those who contributed but not listed as authors


Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Sampoerna University.