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Sampoerna University is Indonesia’s only American-style university that offers a unique and rewarding learning experience

Why Settle for The Ordinary?

Sampoerna University is Indonesia’s only American-style university that offers a unique and rewarding learning experience. All our degrees include an American-style general education core – just like that offered in the best universities in the United States. We even offer students an opportunity to earn U.S. academic credits and degrees through our partnerships with American institutions.

Sampoerna University believes in technology-driven learning, creativity, and innovation so you can do things smarter and better and challenge the conventional norms.

Never settle – choose what’s best, not just what’s available. By admitting yourself into Sampoerna University, you can be work ready, world ready, and ready to lead.

Sampoerna University Graduation

Admissions Requirements

Sampoerna University seeks to admit students who are interested in an international-standard higher education and have the basic skills to succeed in an American-style university environment. As a university that teaches all its programs in English, successful applicants should have at least a working knowledge of Academic English.

1. Academic Requirements:

  • Satisfactory completion of final year secondary school, or equivalent from a recognized high school. Applicants need to submit their previous year or latest high school transcripts to be reviewed by Admissions. Proof of High School completion must be provided as part of enrollment eligibility.
  • On a case-by-case basis, a certified high school completion equivalency may be required.
  • If you are a transferring student from another college or university, additional requirements may apply. Please contact the admissions office for more information.

2. Placement Test Requirements:

Our Admissions Policies identify the minimum necessary qualifications for acceptance. A placement test is not only required for admission but is also designed to measure applicants’ College Readiness in English and Mathematics for course placement. A student is admissible if they can meet Sampoerna University’s admission standards.

Applicants can bypass the Placement Tests and may be offered Direct Acceptance by submitting standardized assessment test scores from TOEFL or IELTS (for Basic Skills Test equivalency) and SAT or ACT (for Advanced Skill Test equivalency).

More information about the Sampoerna University’s Placement Test see: TESTING CENTER

Transfer Student

Sampoerna University offers flexible education pathways, including the opportunity to transfer in as a transfer student. To apply as a transfer student, you will need to submit your transcripts and syllabi.

Sampoerna University is committed to helping our students succeed, and we offer a variety of resources and support services to help you transfer seamlessly to any US university. Our advisors will work with you to develop a personalized transfer plan and to identify the best US universities for your academic and career goals.

Contact our Student and Parent Advisory Center via e-mail: for further information.

About Broward College

The collaboration between Sampoerna University and Broward College allows students in their first two years to earn Broward College’s credits and transcripts. Students will obtain both Sampoerna University and Broward College Students’ ID upon enrollment. At the end of the second year students have an option to stay at Sampoerna University or transfer seamlessly to U.S. universities using their Broward College transcript. Students staying at Sampoerna University may also complete the dual degree programs offered by SU and the University of Arizona in Jakarta.


Students seeking to transfer to U.S. universities other than the University of Arizona should be jointly admitted to Broward College. All student applicants who meet the admissions requirements of Broward College will automatically be jointly enrolled at Broward College.


To be admitted to Broward College, students must meet Broward College Placement Test Criteria as specified in the link below and eligible for enrollment in English Composition 1.

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