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Tuition and fees are determined according to students’ enrollment status (active, inactive, on leave, etc.)

Bursary Student Financial Services

Sampoerna University provides documentation of all fees and tuition charges required of students from the time of their application for admission through their enrollment. Tuition and fee rates are set annually.

Tuition discounts and waivers offered at the time of admission are acknowledged in writing by the Bursary on the student invoice each semester. Tuition and fees are determined according to students’ enrollment status (active, inactive, on leave, etc.) and are adjusted appropriately.

Bursary Office is open during business hours (8:00 am to 4:30 pm), Monday – Friday.

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Located adjacent to the Academic Registry (on the 6th floor of the L’Avenue Campus Building), the Bursary is responsible for managing student account receivables and deposit of University funds. This includes:

  • Billing tuition and fees;
  • Receiving and processing payments and credits;
  • Processing miscellaneous charges and manual account adjustments;
  • Generation of billing statements by semester;
  • Recording inter-fund transactions;
  • Applying scholarship funds to recipient accounts; and
  • Processing student and third-party refunds.
The role of the Bursary is to provide financial service to students and their families while monitoring and managing student account compliance and collection. Student account payments and credits include:
  • Cash or check payments,
  • Online credit card and electronic bank transfer payments,
  • Third party billing credits,
  • Tuition remission and tuition exchange program credits,
  • Various discounts and waivers, and
  • Advance program deposits.
As part of tuition and fee billing, the Bursary is responsible for managing system tuition bill codes and tuition adjustments for withdrawals, appeals, discounts and waivers.
Charges and payment account activity are reported to students in an electronic billing statement each semester. Tuition and fees are due prior to the start of each semester, with deadlines printed on each invoice.

Late payments may result in “holds” on course enrollment and transcript release. Therefore, students are advised to adhere to payment deadlines or to meet with the Bursary staff to make special arrangements.

Refund Policy

Any refund requests must be substantiated by evidence:

  • That a charge was incorrectly posted;
  • That the student had notified the University in writing in a timely manner of an approved change in status; or
  • That extenuating circumstances prevent the student from enrolling after a registration deadline or the start of classes.
It is each student and family’s responsibility to check the billing documents for accuracy at the time they are issued.

If just cause for a refund petition exists, the student may submit a written request to the University Bursary. Should the petition warrant further adjudication, the matter will follow the procedures for Student Grievances for review by the appropriate University officers.

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