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The Student and Parent Advisory Center (SPAC) is a special resource only offered at Sampoerna University, where interested students and parents can obtain objective and comprehensive information about education pathways and explore the program best suited for their academic and future success.

Members of the SPAC team are qualified academic advisors who will help you explore your education options in Indonesia and abroad. Interested parents and students can have an in-depth discussion about their education goals and receive focused and individualized support.

Existing Sampoerna University students should meet SPAC advisors to provide academic guidance to help strategically choose classes, understand degree requirements, and stay on track to graduate on time.

In addition to SPAC advisors, each Sampoerna University student will also have a Faculty Advisors assigned to him/her at the beginning of their study at Sampoerna University. This assignment is done by Head of Study Program. A faculty advisor will mentor students to successfully complete their degree at Sampoerna University.

Prospective Students And Parents

Sampoerna University is committed to providing all students with student-centered quality academic advising. The expert team of advisors at SU will help you understand your education options, whether that means obtaining a degree at Sampoerna University or exploring transfer opportunities abroad.


SPAC advisors will also help you understand the course placements based on the Basic Skills Test or Advanced Skills Test. Learn how you can start a successful academic journey based on your placements by meeting with our SPAC advisors.


Advising is central to connecting students to the university and preparing them for academic and future success. Contact your Student Recruitment Officer to schedule an appointment with a SPAC advisor.

How To See An Advisor

If you are a Sampoerna University student, please write to spac@sampoernaschoolssystem.com to make an appointment with your SPAC advisor.

Remember: During peak advising periods your advisor will be very busy. There may be a delay in responding to email queries and you may not be able to schedule an appointment. Be proactive and meet with your advisor in advance of registration or any other university deadlines.


The Student Parent Advisory Center is located on the ground floor of the L’Avenue Building.

Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu, Kav. 16
Pancoran, Jakarta 12780

Walk-In Advising

Walk-in advising hours are available to students for quick advising sessions and are intended to provide brief guidance. Walk-in hours are:

Days AM PM
Monday By appointment only 2.00 – 4.00
Tuesday 9.00 – 11.00 By appointment only
Wednesday 9.00 – 11.00 By appointment only
Thursday By appointment only 2.00 – 4.00
Friday 9.00 – 11.00 By appointment only

Please come prepared to walk-in advising. Write your questions and bring them with you to make the most of your walk-in advising meeting. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the close of walk-in hours.

Walk-in hours may not be available during peak advising periods due to demand.

Curriculum Resources & Tools

If you are an SU student, you are strongly encouraged to meet with your academic advisor regularly as you plan what courses to take. Your advisor will help you monitor your degree progress.

To see and download your degree plan, please click on the “Degree Plan” link under your study program.

You can see curriculum requirements, including general education and major requirements, course information, and course descriptions in The Sampoerna University Catalog

Important Dates

Click here to see the Academic Calendar Year 2023-2024 for all important dates.