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Sampoerna University is Indonesia’s only American-style university that offers a unique and rewarding learning experience.  All of our degrees include an American-style general education core—just like that offered in the best universities in the United States.  We even offer students an opportunity to earn U.S. academic credits and degrees through our partnerships with American institutions.

Sampoerna University believes in technology-driven learning, creativity, and innovation so you can do things smarter and better, and challenge the conventional norms.

Never settle – choose what’s best, not just what’s available. By joining Sampoerna University, you can be work ready, world ready, and ready to lead.

Meet Our Students!

  • I chose Sampoerna University because Sampoerna University is in collaboration with the University of Arizona where you can get a U.S.-like experience while still studying here in Jakarta. I’m very glad that I chose SU because SU facilitates me to achieve my degree with high-quality lecturers who can guide and help me achieve my degree. SU also has a lot of non-academic related interests and they facilitate students to chase them.
    Nathan Ansel | Mechanical Engineering, 2021
  • Sampoerna University has been a supportive and vibrant learning environment and allows me to enjoy both my studies and my university life simultaneously. Aside from that, Sampoerna University has also provided various learning opportunities beyond lecture sessions, including insightful webinars, and workshops, as well as organizational opportunities which have allowed me to learn and grow both academically, professionally and personally. I feel that Sampoerna University has fostered students to an extent, and I’m glad to be a part of it.
    Auliya Putri Mulyandini | Accounting, 2022
  • I would say that the atmosphere at Sampoerna University is actually pleasant, I’ve come across many helpful friends and lecturers as well, and I feel like the lecturers and the friends at Sampoerna University are also understanding and outgoing. I also feel like Sampoerna University offers me high-quality education which helps me to fulfill and reach my fullest potential in my education in the future and make me have a better future.
    Peace Jemima | English Language Education, 2022
  • The quality of education at Sampoerna University is impressive. Sampoerna University offers American Curriculum in collaboration with the University of Arizona, which helps us the student to become globally competent, and the facilities and equipment are very sophisticated for engineering students like me. We literally have a jet engine inside the lab! It helps us to apply our theoretical knowledge inside the classroom to real-world situations. Everyone here is very friendly, the professors are always available to help us, and we have student advisors and the career center to guide us. We also have lots of extracurricular activities and student organizations to participate in.
    Alfred Juliant | Mechanical Engineering, 2022
  • What I like the most about my degree here at Sampoerna University is that we are taught a lot of new courses that are foreign to us, like Visual Sound Effects, 3D Design, Creative Coding, and others. And we are guided from zero basically, so this allowed me to broaden my horizon about the creative industry and allowed me to further discover what I’m truly passionate about.
    Shareen Gumulya | Visual Communication Design, 2020

Admissions Requirements and Student Profiles

Sampoerna University seeks to admit students who are interested in an international-standard higher education and have the basic skills to succeed in an American-style university environment.  As a university that teaches all of its programs in English, successful applicants should have at least a working knowledge of Academic English.  In many cases, admitted students come from private, international high schools and the very top performing public high schools.

Our admissions policies identify the minimum necessary qualifications for acceptance. To be considered for admission, there are minimum required scores that you need to meet.

I. For first-time-in-college applicants, this includes a minimum cumulative high school grade point average and minimum grade point averages in English and Mathematics (7.0 on a 10-point grading scale.)

    • The minimum necessary qualifications for acceptance for first-time-in-college applicants are:
      • Cumulative high school GPA of 7.0 on a 10-point grading scale
      • GPA of 7.0 (on a 10-point grading scale) in English and Mathematics
      • Scores on the English Proficiency Test that qualify the candidate for Level 4 (of 6) of the developmental English program (for admission to this program only)
      • Scores on the College-readiness Test that qualify for admission to the degree program.

II. Applicants must also demonstrate college readiness in English and Mathematics by completing a standardized assessment or by providing a basis for an exception (i.e. completion of college-level English and Mathematics courses from a regionally accredited institution).

  • Sampoerna University Common Placement Testing for College Readiness Criteria

The purpose of Common Placement Testing (CPT) for College Ready is to determine accurate course placement based on a student’s skills, abilities, and language needs in reading, writing, and mathematics. There are different kinds of placement tests for different purposes. Each type has specific testing criteria. Placement tests are designed to place a student into the most appropriate course that matches their current skill level in that area.


Exams Included:

Test Reading Writing Math
ACT (EACT) > 19 > 17 21 – 36
SAT  > 24 > 25 26.5 – 40
Accuplacer NG 256+ 253+ 267+ (QAS Math)*
Effective as of 25 October 2022
Course Placement to SU GCOM 1304 Composition I GMAT 1301 College Algebra

Note: eligible for Higher Level Math Test


Math Placement

Test Type Score Course Placement
Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS) 266 and Below GMAT 1512 Extended College Algebra


Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS)


267 – 300 GMAT 1301 College Algebra

Note: eligible for Higher Level Math Test


Higher Level Math Test (HLM)


* HLM test is recommended for Business and Engineering Majors except Visual Communication Design concentration and it’s optional for Faculty of Education with English Language Education concentration.


Advanced Algebra Functions (AAF) >= 250


GMAT 1304 Calculus for Business, Social & Life Science
Trigonometry Bypass Exam (TBE)

Note: eligible if AAF >= 280

>= 21 GMAT 1505 Calculus & Analytical Geometry I
Trigonometry Bypass Exam (TBE)


< 21 GMAT 1511 PreCalculus & Trigonometry




III. Applicants who show promise but fall below the required scores in English and/or Mathematics may be admitted into a Sampoerna University English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes. Students may take a combination of credit and non-credit courses while they address their deficiency in English and/or Mathematics. If you are admitted in the Fall semester, you can complete your EAP course requirements in the summer session that paves the way to Fall semester. If you have any questions, please contact the admissions office for more information.

    • Exams Included:
Skill Area LOEP TOEFL iBT TOEFL ITP IELTS EAP Course Placement
Listening 86 – 100 17 – 21 54 – 63 5 – 6.5 EAP 4
101 – 120 22 – 30 64 – 68 7 – 9 EAP 5/6
101 – 120 n/a n/a n/a GCOM 1304 Composition I
Reading 90 – 113 18 – 23 56 – 62 5 – 6.5 EAP 4
114 – 120 24 63 – 67 7 – 8 EAP 5/6
n/a 25 – 30 n/a 8.5 – 9 EAP 5/6
119 – 120 n/a n/a n/a GCOM 1304 Composition I
Writing 4 17 – 23 53 – 63 5 – 6.5 EAP 4
5 24 – 30 64 – 68 7 – 8 EAP 5/6
6 n/a n/a 8.5 – 9 EAP 5/6
6 n/a n/a n/a GCOM 1304 Composition I
Language Use 117 – 120 n/a n/a n/a GCOM 1304 Composition I


For candidates with LOEP result below, may be placed directly to GCOM 1304 Composition I Class.

Writing Listening Reading Language Use Placement
6 101-120 119 – 120 117-120 GCOM 1304
Composition I

Planning For Success - Advising At Sampoerna University

Sampoerna University is committed to quality academic advising for all students. Advising serves a critical function for students. We support you in understanding academic expectations and will help you navigate academic curriculum, opportunities, and resources.

Each student at SU has an academic advisor who will provide guidance as you transition from high school to SU and will support you through graduation. Advisors ensure students are meeting the requirements of the general education curriculum, students’ chosen major, and will monitor their academic progress.

All students will create a degree plan that meets Sampoerna University’s education requirements and their educational and career objectives. The degree plans are a comprehensive list of the courses students must complete to satisfy their program requirements. Academic advisors will help develop and assess the educational degree plans created jointly between advisor and student.

To discuss options and craft your degree plan, you should consult your academic advisor in the Student and Parent Advisory Center.

How To Apply