06 Oct 2022

Alumni Stories: Win Scholarships to Study at the University of Arizona


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As a university with internationally recognized academic qualifications, Sampoerna University prepares students to compete and succeed at their stage of life. This alumni stories presents Khiyarotul Kholidha, a student at Sampoerna University who received a full scholarship to continue her studies. 

Khiya From Bojonegoro with her Big Dream

Khiyarotul Kholidha or Khiya is an alumnus of Sampoerna University from Bojonegoro. She has a big dream to study abroad with a scholarship in a short time. 

The dream started when Khiya received information about the flagship scholarship program launched by Sampoerna when Khiya was in her third year of Junior High School in 2006.  

Khiya said that this scholarship is a program that made her life easier and happier. Mainly because this program is a complete package with a full scholarship, credit recognition from the University of Arizona and a fast track that could be completed in just five years, starting from High School to College. 

Back then, I really wanted to study abroad. Sampoerna has a credit recognition program from the University of Arizona, a scholarship and a fast track. So, it was a complete package that made my life easier and happier,” she said. 

To achieve this dream is not easy because Khiya had to compete with other local youths for the scholarship. Thanks to the blessings and prayers of her parents, Khiya got the scholarship and had to depart for the US alone at a fairly young age. 

Successfully be a Student of University of Arizona


Khiya Kholida

In 2017, exactly after a year of studying in high school, Khiya had to take a college scholarship test at a foregin university. She managed to get an undergraduate degree program through the University of Arizona from the Associate of Arts Program at Broward College first when she was in the second year in high school. Therefore Khiya had to attend High School and College at the same time. 

Alhamdulillah I got in, so I have started studying in America in my second year of High School, but in Indonesia I am still in High School,” said Khiya. 

By the time she was in the third grade of High School Khiya was already in her second year of studying in America. Then, when she graduated from High School, she continued her education at the University of Arizona and Sampoerna University majoring in engineering, Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.), simultaneously. 

“So, when I graduated from High School, in Indonesia I was registered as a first year student at Sampoerna University. However, I am already in my third year in America,” she explained. 

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Graduated High School and College in 5 Years 

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Khiya finally graduated from college at the University of Arizona in 2021. She went through high school plus college in just 5 years, which should have been done in 8 years. 

Currently, Khiya is only waiting for her graduation certificate from Sampoerna University and she will only be counted as a de jure graduate in 2023. However, Khiya has already completed her education in 2021, because of the graduate program for five years only. 

“As a de jure, I am still studying at Sampoerna University. In fact, my identification number as a student was registered in the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2019. However, I have actually graduated from both universities and have received a diploma from the University of Arizona. Now, I am just waiting for my diploma from Sampoerna University,” explained Khiya.  

This is an achievement that Khiya is very proud of and everything cannot be separated from the blessings of her parents and the opportunity that she got from Sampoerna University. 

Her Career Today in The State-Owned Enterprises of Indonesia 

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Successfully graduating in a very short time with a full scholarship and credit recognition program from the University of Arizona, Khiya is now successfully pursuing her career in one of the leading state-owned Enterprises in Indonesia. 

Today, Khiya works as a Supply Chain Associate at PT Pos Logistik Indonesia, a well known state-owned company in Indonesia. She also spends her free time by taking online courses to increase her knowledge and her potential in other fields. 

The Close Relationship Built in Sampoerna University

There were many things that made an impression on Khiya when she studied at Sampoerna University, one of them is the relationship she built with people there.  

From the very beginning of her study, she knew that she would be moving to a foreign land and be separated from her parents. Khiya met some multicultural friends from Sabang to Merauke and they shared the same story, and because of that it was not a big problem. 

“I used to live in a boarding school and they created housing just like in the Harry Potter films. We were very close because we came from all regions in Indonesia. We shared the same conditions that are far from home, we feel homesick together, and even now we are still very close like a family,” she said. 

In addition, because she studied at Sampoerna University that has various cultures, it opened Khiya’s mind and perspective to many things. This was very memorable to her and became a highlight story that she will always remember. 

Sampoerna University creates the best graduates from the provided excellent programs and Khiya was one of them. This program also includes an international curriculum, competent teacher, and also the students.

With the emergence of a sophisticated information age, Sampoerna University teaches students “to learn how to study”. You can also take part in programs provided by Sampoerna University. For more information, visit the website and admission page here

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