04 Jan 2024

Augmented Reality Training with Vuforia by PT. Hetra Teknologi Indonesia

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The collaboration between Mr. Santo Tjhin and the leadership team at PT. Hetra Teknologi Indonesia, a company specializing in the global distribution of Augmented Reality software and 3D software within the new media industry, has yielded fruitful results. This partnership took root during Mr. Santo’s tenure as an educator in the DKV new media study program at Binus University. On October 27, 2023, Mr. Santo engaged in discussions with Mrs. Diah, the Marketing Director, and Mr. Kharisma, the Managing Director of PT Hetra, focusing on potential training initiatives at Sampoerna University and exploring opportunities for collaboration in internships.


The subsequent communication was seamless, driven by the longstanding relationship between Mr. Santo and PT. Hetra. The proposed training topic, “Nurturing Future Skills with Vuforia,” was agreed upon, with a specific focus on hands-on sessions where Sampoerna University students would learn to create target AR for augmented reality applications. The scheduled event took place on November 13, 2023, from 1:30 pm onwards, marking a significant development that Mr. Santo promptly communicated to all FET leaders.

To ensure the successful execution of the training, Mr. Santo collaborated with SAA and FET administrators, namely Mrs. Dilla Ayu Wardani, for a pre-event briefing. On November 13, 2023, the Augmented Reality Training unfolded at the Creative Center VCD on the 7th floor, attracting 30 enthusiastic participants.


The event commenced with an introduction by the master of ceremonies, Ms. Lala, a Sampoerna University student from the Faculty of Business. A lively quiz heightened participants’ enthusiasm, leading to remarks and introductions by Mr. Surya Danusaputro and Mr. Tombak Matahari, Head of Department VCD. Souvenirs from Sampoerna University to Vuforia Indonesia were presented by Mr. Tombak and Mr. Santo, symbolizing gratitude for their collaboration.


Mr. Kharisma, the Managing Director, took the stage to deliver a presentation on the evolution of Augmented Reality and its impact on the creative and educational sectors. Emphasizing the rapid growth of technology, he highlighted the immense potential for Visual Communication Design graduates to contribute to various industries through mastering Augmented Reality.


The training continued with a session led by Mrs. Diah, the Marketing Director, demonstrating AR programming using Unity Software and Vuforia software. Sampoerna University students eagerly experimented with and applied Vuforia in creating Augmented Reality, showcasing their enthusiasm and grasp of the technology.

Post-training, participants were tasked with producing AR projects, and the results were impressive. Vuforia’s user-friendly technology proved effective, especially when participants had a strong foundation in design principles.


The event culminated in a comprehensive question-and-answer forum moderated by Mrs. Diah and Mr. Ayub, providing students with valuable insights into the role of Vuforia software and the future development of AR technology. Following this, a quiz challenged participants on their Vuforia learning, fostering an engaging and interactive atmosphere.


In his closing remarks, Mr. Santo expressed gratitude and appreciation for PT. Hetra Teknologi Indonesia’s comprehensive teachings on Augmented Reality. The event concluded with a group photo session, capturing the shared success of the Augmented Reality Training.


The overall success of the Vuforia Training indicates its potential for future iterations, acknowledging the high demand from students despite the limited capacity of the training venue.

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