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Award and Tuition Grant

Sampoerna University offers Merit Based Awards and Tuition Grants.

Award and Tuition
Grants Opportunity

Sampoerna University is the only university in Indonesia that offers an American-style higher education experience. As part of the Sampoerna Schools System, it represents the culmination of the nation’s only integrated system of schools based on international standards of quality.

Sampoerna University offers Merit Based Awards and Tuition Grants. By applying early, high school seniors can get a head start on their career and opportunities to receive the Awards & Tuition Grants. Below, you can find information about the Merit Award Program at Sampoerna University.

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For Sampoerna University Merit Award (SUMA)

A partial tuition fee waiver of 25% or 50% may be awarded based on Placement Test scores. The waiver applies for the first 2 years of study and can be extended with a Dean’s List Scholarship (if eligible) for the final 2 years.


Requirement and Criteria:

  • Eligibility will be determined by Placement Test Scores.
  • SU Merit Awards (SUMA) are available for the 1st and 2nd year of study.
  • SUMA recipients must maintain a CGPA 3.00
  • Dean’s List Scholarship may be available for Sampoerna University students in their 3rd and 4th
  • Dean’s List Scholarship only available for Indonesian Citizens and cannot be combine with other financial aid or scholarship.
  • To be eligible for a Dean’s List Scholarship, students must achieve a minimum CGPA of 3.10 for 15% tuition fee waiver, and CGPA of 3.60 for 30% tuition fee waiver.

SPARK Presidential Scholarship (SPS)

The SPS is the most prestigious merit-based award and is granted to those with strong academic achievements and a demonstrated record of leadership and engagement. The SPARK Presidential Scholarship (SPS) covers a full 4 years tuition fee for the Two-Degree Program at Sampoerna University.


Requirement and Criteria:

  • Eligibility will be determined by the Advanced Placement Test Scores (or equivalent to SAT 1200).
  • Essay submission and results of personal interview.
  • Only applies to the Two-Degree Program.
  • Only applies for Indonesian Citizens
  • Only applies for Freshman, First-time in college and recent grade 12 graduate.
  • SPARK recipients must maintain 3.25 CGPA & 2.75 SGPA.
  • SPARK recipients will be considered as Sampoerna University Ambassador.

Kindly contact us via email at: student.recruitment@sampoernauniversity.ac.id
for further information about Merit Award Program or you can apply directly here

Additional opportunities for financial support are provided by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. For more information, kindly contact: selection.comittee@sampoernaschoolssystem.com

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