Bright Future Festival is a 4-day event presented by Sampoerna University. This event will unlock your knowledge to see the future brighter! Feed your brain through our webinars, workshops, faculty exhibitions and virtual open house.

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Inspiring Webinar Speakers From

Kopi Kenangan


Menjadi Manusia

Roemah Bahagia

Balesin BJTech

Michael Page

MRT Jakarta



General Rundown:

8 December 2020

14.00 WIB “Menjadi Manusia di Dunia Maya” – Adam A. Abednego (Menjadi Manusia)

15.30 WIB Faculty of Education Faculty Day and Alumni Talk

General Rundown:

9 December 2020

10.00 WIB – “Critical Competencies expected by Start Up Giants” – Daniel Sugiarto, Organization Development & Talent Management Manager (Kopi Kenangan)

11.00 WIB – “Jejak Digital” – Yosi Mokalu (Head of Siberkreasi) and Diena Haryana (Founder Yayasan Sejiwa)

13.00 WIB – “Top Trending Skills and How to get the jobs you want” – Imeiniar Chandra Director of Digital & Technology (Michael Page Indonesia)

14.00 WIB – “Building Self Awareness for Jumpstarting a Sustainable Career” – Adrie Basuki, Founder Roemah Bahagia & Adriebasukithelabel, former Brand Marketing Director

15.30 WIB – Faculty of Business Faculty Day and Alumni Talk

General Rundown:

10 December 2020

10.00 WIB – “The Twist and Turn in Finding the Right Path” – Levina Purnamadewi, Co-Founder (Menjadi Manusia)

11.00 WIB – “The Future of Womengineer” – Tengku Alia Sandra (Railway Engineering Department Head MRT Jakarta) and Golda Claudia Pardede (Mining Engineer, PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara)

13.00 WIB – “Searching for the right talent – Corporate vs Startup” – Togar Manik, HR Business Partner (Zi.Care)

14.00 WIB – “Advertising dan Bisnis Komunikasi dalam Ekosistem Digital Masa Depan: Semua Hal yang Perlu Kamu Tahu” – Janoe Arijanto, CEO (Dentsu One)

15.30 WIB – Faculty of Engineering and Technology Faculty Day and Alumni Talk

General Rundown:

11 December 2020

10.00 WIB – “GREENDUSTRY: Education and Skills for Sustainability Growth” – Daniel Sibbald (CMO & Co-Founder SINARI), Denia Isetianti Permata (Founder & CEO of Cleanomic) and Ernest C. Layman (CEO & Co-Founder Rekosistem)

11.00 WIB – “Social Enterprise and The Magic Behind” – Rhaka Ghanisatria (Co-Founder Menjadi Manusia)

13.00 WIB – “Interview Hack 101: Do you Have what it takes to Ace a Job Interview”, Ferry Achmadi Putra, Head of HR & GA (Sampoerna Schools System)

14.00 WIB – “(Working Hours) Life Balance: Engineer vs Non-Engineer”, Randi Mudahar, Chief Product Officer (Balesin by BJTech)

15.30 WIB – Sampoerna University Open House and Virtual Tour





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