20 Apr 2020

Caecillia Maria Natasha: “Sampoerna University Helped Me Achieve My Dreams One by One”

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Joining Sampoerna University in 2013, Caecillia Maria Natasha, or Tasha, made her dream come true after studying for 4 years at our Faculty of Education. How has she done it? How has studying at Sampoerna University helped her achieve what she has longed for? Read on to find out the answers.


What was your very first dream?”

Tasha: “My very first dream after graduating from high school was I want to be financially independent and make my parents proud. That dream was achieved when I was a university student. Sampoerna University helped me achieve my dreams one by one.”


“How did Sampoerna University help you?”

Tasha: “At Sampoerna University, I was named a recipient of a student award (2-year scholarship). In my junior year (5th semester), I had a chance to work as a part-time teacher at Sampoerna Academy. So by the 5th semester I had accomplished my dream to be financially independent.”


“How was your life at Sampoerna University like?”

Tasha: “My life at Sampoerna University was colorful. It was not only about teaching and learning but I also got many chances to lead some student organizations. I also joined some competitions, represented Sampoerna University at some international conferences, and many more activities supported by the university. I grew a lot during my 4 years in Sampoerna University.”


“So what was your next dream?”

Tasha: “I graduated from Sampoerna University in 2017, bringing home “Best Graduate” title. By this point, I had accomplished my second dream: to make my parents happy and proud. I could see it on their faces on the graduation day.”


“Congratulations on your achievement! So what are now up to?”

Tasha: “As I told you before, I started to teach as a part-timer in 2015 at Sampoerna Academy and right after I graduated, they hired me as a full-time teacher to teach their Kindergarten students. I worked for Sampoerna Academy for almost 3 years. In 2019, I was hired by Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) and I am now working there.”


“In retrospect, what could help you land a teaching job at an international school?”

Tasha: “At Sampoerna University, I learned a lot of teaching methods, educational psychology, linguistics and many more things that I can implement in my professional work nowadays. Besides that, I also had a lot of opportunities to participate in School Experience Programs organized by Faculty of Education. This program equipped me with real classroom experience that allows me to adapt quickly with various school situations. Also, I had to observe and also teach some lessons since I was a freshman. I can tell that the university has prepared me very well.”


“Aside from your teaching schedules, what are you now busied with?”

Tasha: “I am also now actively involved in some social organizations. I co-founded an organization named “The Light Indonesia” who is concerned with spreading generosity to beat poverty. We held some workshops and also community service to attract young people to do some generosity and taught them that being generous can be fun and impactful.


Another organization that I am working with is “Thalassemia Movement”. We – my friends and I – work to spread campaign #StopThalassemia in the future, we also facilitates a number of thalassemia patients to learn knowledge and skills that they can use in order to survive in life.”


“You are doing such a great job and now you give back to the society, too. What do you do in your spare time?”

Tasha: “My hobbies are doing social projects with my organizations and also performing as part of a theatre club named D’ArtBeat. I performed with them twice: in 2017 at Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta and in 2018 at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. Also, I’m still joining some international conferences, both as a participant and also as a speaker.”


Do you have anything to achieve in mind in the near future?”

Tasha: “I have some goals for the future. I plan to take a Master’s degree in Linguistics / Education Leadership. By the next 5 years, I will establish a school that builds its students’ characters and their sense of social belonging.


“Such a noble endeavour. We wish you luck. Are there any tips for Sampoerna University students?”

Tasha: “My advice is simple. Keep doing your best, set your goals and achieve them one at a time. Good things take time. You must be willing to work harder now to achieve a better future. There is no shortcut.” (*/)

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