09 Feb 2024

Career Opportunities at Faculty of Arts and Sciences


In today’s fast changing world, where the job market requires a combination of creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability, selecting the correct educational institution is important. Sampoerna University, in Jakarta, Indonesia, is a shining example of academic brilliance. At the center of its offers is the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a dynamic hub that prepares students to be versatile professionals ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Get to Know Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Arts & Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Science is one of Indonesia’s major schools of arts and science, known for the quality of its programs, which stem from excellence in humanities, sciences, and social science. We provide a premium educational experience that emphasizes the need for innovation to meet today’s challenges, positioning our graduates as the most competitive in Indonesia.

Many of our grads receive multiple job offers before graduation. Almost all graduates find employment within three months of graduation. Our graduates have established a reputation for excellence and begun their careers in a variety of renowned firms and industries around the country. Our alumni are enthusiastic lifetime learners.

Many have continued their education and received prestigious scholarships, including the Fulbright Scholarship, Australian Awards, Chevening Awards, and LPDP Scholarship, to study at world-class universities such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Oxford University, University of Glasgow, University of Manchester, University of College London, University of Bristol, University of Toronto, and Syracuse University.

Why Choose Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Arts & Science?

1. Intimate Learning Environment

Take advantage of small class sizes, with each class limited to just 30 students. This promotes active involvement and meaningful exchanges between classmates and instructors, establishing a supportive environment conducive to critical thinking and innovation.

2. Cutting-edge Technology Integration

Our dedication to technology-enhanced teaching and learning extends beyond convenience. We use top-tier digital resources to enhance your educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Embrace technology not only as a source of entertainment, but also as a powerful means of research and knowledge generation.

3. Relevant academic programs

Our accurately selected academic programs are designed to address the national demand for qualified professionals in fields such as business management, human resources, social services, and research. We provide you with the expertise you need to succeed in high-demand industries both domestically and abroad.

4. English Medium Instruction

Immerse yourself in an English-speaking atmosphere that will prepare you for positions in major international organizations. Mastering English as a language of instruction opens up new prospects and increases your competitiveness on the international stage.

5. Excellent Faculty

Learn from the brightest brains in academia, with over 75% of our faculty members holding doctorates—five times the norm in Indonesia. Our faculty brings a plethora of foreign experience and insights to enrich your learning experience. Additionally, gain from insights provided by visiting lecturers from the United States, which will broaden your perspectives.

6. Internationally recognized curriculum

Our program is not only nationally certified; it exceeds expectations by harmonizing with American benchmarks. Earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in the United States in addition to your Indonesian qualifications, backed up by Diploma Supplements from prominent American colleges.


Career Opportunities at Sampoerna University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences



Unleashing Career Opportunities

While academic achievement is an important component of Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the ultimate goal is to equip students for successful employment in a quickly changing job market. The faculty supports students to pursue varied career options at Faculty of Arts and Sciences that match with their interests and objectives by combining rigorous courses, hands-on experiences, and customized support.

  • Industry-Related Skills

In today’s competitive job market, employers are increasingly looking for people with a diversified skill set that extends beyond technical knowledge. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences understands this demand and provides students with a variety of transferable abilities, including as critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and cooperation. By cultivating these talents throughout their academic careers, students become well-rounded professionals capable of flourishing in any industry.

  • Global Perspectives

Cultural competency and global awareness have become crucial assets in today’s work scene. Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences values diversity and encourages students to broaden their viewpoints through foreign exchange programs, study abroad options, and cross-cultural experiences. Students develop a broader worldview and cross-cultural communication abilities through interactions with classmates from various origins and cultures.

  • Alumni Success Stories

The accomplishments of any educational institution’s alumni serve as the genuine measure of its success. Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Arts & Sciences graduates have made major contributions in a variety of disciplines, including business, technology, healthcare, and the arts. Their success stories inspire current students and underline the faculty’s dedication to excellence and innovation.


Join Sampoerna University today!

Choosing the correct institution can be difficult for parents and students as they traverse the complex landscape of higher education. However, Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Arts & Sciences stands out as a shining example of academic achievement and job readiness. With its diversified curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, and dedication to student success, the faculty not only shapes brains but also unlocks bright futures.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary educational experience that will prepare you for tomorrow’s difficulties and opportunities, Sampoerna University is the place to go. Join us today to reach your best potential!

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