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Critical Thinking: Building Thinking Skills Within

By July 15, 2022August 21st, 2022Articles
critical thinking skills

Critical thinking usually must be owned by someone who is in the process of looking for work and thinking critically. Critical thinking is one of the soft skills that becomes a point in employee recruitment when companies open job vacancies. In the modern era with the acceleration of information, being critical is indeed very necessary.

Thinking critically makes a person able to sort out information appropriately and not get caught up in things that are detrimental. This ability is very much needed in the world of work. Critical thinking patterns must not only be carried out by high position owners, but everyone needs it in living their daily lives.

Understanding Critical Thinking

Please note that critical thinking is one of the higher order thinking skills or can be called High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). That is an ability to think logically and rationally on the information received. Information or conclusions received, should not be accepted at random.

A thought process is needed in evaluating and analyzing the truth of the information or conclusions obtained. Process the information obtained critically using rational logic to determine which facts are truly believed or vice versa. This is what is meant by critical thinking.

Critical thinking is different from argumentative, usually only in the form of throwing arguments and ending in a long endless debate. Critical thinking means to put forward logic and rationality objectively, so that conclusions can be obtained that help in the decision-making process under certain conditions.

Example of Critical Thinking

I have a lot of good ideas

Critical thinking skills are important to have, especially when someone is in a problem and needs a quick and precise solution. In addition to being a deep thinking process, this ability also includes a way of self-evaluating and making a person more independent, here are some examples of critical thinking skills.

  • Problem Observation

Critical thinking has the main benefit of making it easier for someone to observe an existing problem. In general, high critical thinking skills make a person will always be rational and logical and have clear reasons. All problems will not be able to find the answer if there is no observation of the problem first.

  • High Analytical Ability

Indirectly, a person’s analytical skills will develop, analytical skills can help find new ideas in evaluating if there are deficiencies. This is certainly very important and provides benefits when they are in a condition forcing them to think critically and make quick decisions.

  • Quick response

A person, especially when working in today’s modern era, is required to be more responsive in all things. Starting from adapting to the environment and carrying out the tasks that are his job. If someone has good critical thinking skills then this will be very helpful.

Aspect of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking can be done by looking at the appearance of several behaviors while someone is in a state of critical thinking. Critical thinking can be seen from several aspects, the following are aspects of critical thinking.

  • Relevance of the statement put forward.
  • Importance, is the importance of the issues or main ideas raised.
  • Novelty, namely the novelty of the contents of the mind, both when bringing ideas or information or when accepting other people’s ideas.
  • Outside material, is his own experience or materials received from lectures or references.
  • Ambiguity Clarified, explaining further information if there is ambiguity.

Critical Thinking in Learning

Being one of the weaknesses in the education system in Indonesia, namely the lack of training in critical thinking aka critical thinking. This is clearly seen in social life, it is very easy to be provoked by hoax news and reluctant to check the truth of the news or information.

Critical thinking skills are not easy things to learn but also require exercises that basically have to start from entering school age. Here are some things that can be done to practice critical thinking in learning, especially at school.

  • Start with a question.
  • Create a reference source.
  • Create a country.
  • Use the right information.
  • Create a group.
  • Problem solving.
  • Speak using a sketch.
  • Change the concept of thinking.

Critical Thinking at Work

In the world of work, critical thinking is included in a non-technical skill aka soft skill. Workers can train themselves to build and improve these skills, here are some ways to improve critical thinking skills at work.

  • Ask a lot.
  • Identification of relevance or ideas.
  • Open to possibilities.

Thus a brief explanation of the meaning, examples and aspects of critical thinking that can be applied to everyday life. At Sampoerna University, you don’t just learn about hard skills, but also soft skills including analytical and critical thinking.

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