10 Jul 2022

Definition, How to Use, and Examples of Likert Scale


In measuring research data, there are many types of scales that can be used, such as the Guttman, Likert and Thurstone scales. The Likert scale is one type of quantitative data measurement scale that is obtained or found in questionnaires when conducting certain surveys about what will be studied.

Before using, it is necessary to understand first what a Likert type scale is so that later there will be no difficulty when carrying out the process of measuring research data. If you do not understand the scale at all, then its use will be redundant and inappropriate. For example, when using definite data, measurements using this scale will not be effective.

Definition of Likert Scale

Likert scale is a research scale used to measure attitudes and opinions. This scale is used to complete a questionnaire that requires respondents to indicate a level of agreement with a series of questions. Usually the questions used for research are called research variables and are specified specifically.

The name of the Likert scale is taken from the name of its creator, namely Rensis Likert who is a social psychologist from the United States. The level of agreement in question is a Likert scale of 1-5 choices, with a gradation from Strongly Agree (SS) to Strongly Disagree (STS), the following are the levels.

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Doubtful
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

Another definition states that this scale is one of the scales used to collect data in order to find out or measure data that is both qualitative and quantitative. This data is obtained to find out opinions, perceptions and someone’s perception of a phenomenon that is currently happening or being studied.

This is in accordance with the statement said by Sugiyono, the Likert scale is used to measure attitudes, opinions and perceptions of individuals or groups related to the social phenomenon that is being the object of research. In addition to the above forms, this scale can also be displayed in other forms according to what the researcher wants to obtain.

Likert Scale Example

Development performance self-improvement ratings icon

In general, research materials that use a Likert scale are made in the form of a questionnaire or multiple-choice questionnaire, or can also use a checklist. According to the author of the study, here is an easy example.

May be an image of text that says “No 2. Question Do you agree with company regulations that require all employees to wear black socks at work? Strongly Agree – Agree – Doubtful – Disagree – Strongly Disagree”

In order to determine the number of respondents studied, several techniques for determining the number of samples can be used. One of them is the technique of determining the sample using the Slovin formula, for example getting 100 respondents, the answers of these 100 people will be analyzed by doing the following calculations.

  • 5 (Strongly Agree).
  • 15 (Agree).
  • 20 (Doubtful)
  • 30(Disagree).
  • 30 (Strongly Disagree).

Based on that data, there are 60 respondents or 60 percent who answered disagree and strongly disagree, this result can also draw the conclusion that the majority of employees in the company do not agree with the regulations given by the company.

When is the Right Time to Use a Likert Scale

After knowing what a Likert scale is and how to use it, the next thing to understand is knowing when this scale should be used. In this scale there are two forms of statements, namely positive statements that function to measure positive attitudes and negative statements that function to measure negative attitudes.

The Likert scale is used to measure agree and disagree, especially people towards a program plan, the implementation of the program to the level of success of the program. So when should this scale be used? Following are some of the best times to use this scale.

  • When trying to describe roughly the position of a person in the group aka relative position.
  • To compare the score of the subject with his normative group.
  • When it comes to compiling a measurement scale in a simple and easy way.

Although it looks very helpful and quite easy to implement, it turns out that this scale also has drawbacks. This is why it is necessary to properly understand the types of measurement scales, because in addition to the advantages there are, of course, the disadvantages of the existing measurement methods, here are the disadvantages of the Likert scale.


  • The measure used is ordinal, this scale can only sort individuals on the scale, but cannot compare how many times one individual is more than another individual.
  • Sometimes the total score of the individual does not give a clear meaning, because many patterns of response to several items will give the same score.


  • It is easy to implement and makes it easier than other measurement scales.
  • There is freedom in entering questions, as long as they are in accordance with the context of the problem.
  • The answer is in the form of an alternative so that information related to goods must be clarified.
  • A larger response makes this scale able to provide clearer information.

Thus a brief description of the Likert scale, examples and when is the right time to use it. Want to learn more about the Likert scale on an international standard campus? Not only that, you can also take a dual degree program at the University of Arizona without having to go to the US. Let’s enroll in Sampoerna University! Click for more info here.



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