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Definition, Types, and Benefits of Community

By July 9, 2022August 19th, 2022Articles

In a society there must be a community, although not everyone understands correctly what the meaning of the community is. Communities appear in certain groups, usually on behalf of and represent a field, character and so on as desired by the group.

In general, the community is a social group in society consisting of several individuals, where these individuals interact with each other in a certain environment. Usually have the same interests and backgrounds, although the community that appears or is born has its own meaning according to its context.

Definition of Community

  • According to KBBI

Community is a group of organisms (people and so on) that live and interact with each other in a certain area. KBBI also states that community can be defined as a community group or an association.

  • In general

Community is generally defined as a collection of several populations that inhabit or occupy a certain area together. Not only live together but also interact with one another.

  • According to McMillan and Chavis

Is a collection of members who have a sense of belonging, bond with one another and believe that the needs of members will be met as long as members have a shared commitment.

  • According to Koentjaraningrat

Koentjaraningrat describes the community as a unit of human life that occupies a real area and interacts according to a system of customs, bound by an identity within the community.

  • According to Kertajaya Hermawan

According to Kertajaya Hermawan, a community is a group of people who care about each other or more than that, in which a close personal relationship emerges from the members of the community, due to similarities.

  • Christensson and Robinson

Are people who live in a geographically limited area, have communication with one another and have bonds between people who live in the area they live in.

Types of Communities

Group of young college students in smart casual wear on campus. friends brainstorming meeting talking and discussing work ideas new design project in modern office. coworker teamwork, startup concept.

  • Based on Interest

The emergence of the interaction between the various groups of people is formed because of the similarity of interests of the members. Usually the community formed because of this interest has a very large number of members, so it can grow and continue to grow.

  • By Location

Communities with the environment are called communities that exist or arise based on location, the similarity of locations or geographical places. Generally formed because of the desire to know each other, so as to create interactions that can help the development of the environment.

  • By Communion

This community is formed because of the wishes and interests of the common people, such as social organizations. The existence of a community in a certain place can arise because of the interests of a social organization that exists in that place.

Community Benefits

  • Information Facility

An information can spread quickly in a community, such as in a community of classic motorcycle lovers. Any information that smells or has anything to do with classic motorbikes will be circulating in the community very quickly.

  • Relationship

Humans are social creatures, this statement clearly emphasizes that one human needs another human being. The existence of a community between members, it will also establish good relations within the community.

  • Mutual support

Community members can support each other because of the same interests, this feeling of mutual support can help others outside the community. Of course, this provides enormous benefits, especially as an effort to empower the community.

Community Example

There are many examples of communities scattered around the world, including in Indonesia, considering that this country has a variety of cultures, as well as people with different interests and preferences.

  • Farmers and Breeders Community

Farmers and ranchers are one of the most common types of work activities found in Indonesia, apart from the benefits they provide. This community arises because of the interest and need in the world of agriculture or animal husbandry. Through the community, members can share information and provide support.

  • Art Community

The field of art is one of the fields that is much loved and occupied by the Indonesian people in general. Including music, dance, painting and so on, members of this community can channel their talents and abilities or simply share experiences.

  • Merchant Community

There are many markets in Indonesia and almost everywhere, this has inevitably led to the emergence of many trading communities. For traders who want various information about something, or want to quickly get information from the market where they trade.

  • Gamers Community

Games in today’s era are no longer underestimated, other than because they can make money if they are practiced. That’s why many people switch professions to become gamers, the gaming community arises because of the interest of gamers towards a particular game or in general.

Thus a brief  description of community along with its types and examples. Interested in knowing other examples of communities? Or want to be part of a community with world-class education?

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