ABOUT Institutional Research and Quality Assurance (IRQA)


The Institutional Research and Quality Assurance (IRQA) is the supervision and evaluation element within the University which functions to plan, implement, improve, and develop the quality assurance system in all units in Sampoerna University. IRQA is led by a director assigned for four years and can be reassigned only for another term.

IRQA conducts a process of assessing performance against institutional mission for all programs, services, and constituencies. It is a responsive process linked to the decision-making process at all levels. This process offers ongoing guidance for planning and budgeting, provides objective evidence for accreditation purposes, and collects useful information on what and how students are learning.

Roles and Responsibilities

The main roles and responsibilities of IRQA are as follows:

  1. Leading the University’s effort to plan, implement, evaluate and develop an integrated, university-wide, and ongoing quality assurance system in all academic and non-academic units at Sampoerna University;
  2. Leading a performance assessment process against institutional mission for all programs, services and constituencies;
  3. Providing guidance for the University’s planning and budgeting;
  4. Providing objective evidence for continuous improvement purposes;
  5. Assessing the outcomes of educational programs and services and use the results to make improvement;
  6. Leading the institutional accreditation efforts both for national and international accreditation agencies (with Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs); and
  7. Providing necessary support for study programs to complete the study programs accreditation.

Institutional Research Process
IRQA leads the institutional research by requiring all academic and administrative units to complete assessment procedures on an annual basis. Multiple measures are used to assess each unit program outcome.

Continuous improvement is the primary goal of assessment. All units are expected to use the assessment results to improve its programs and services. Improvement is the true measure of success of an assessment effort. The use of assessment results after the assessment process ends is the most important component of the institutional research process.