Campus Orientation

All freshmen will learn about campus life through a “A New Student Orientation Program” organized by Student Affairs. It is conducted before an academic year starts and it will help students transition into college life. They will meet new friends in a session designed to provide them with information while meeting other students.  Senior year students will lead this session and can become mentors who can help freshmen adapt to campus life.  Students will also meet faculty members and staff who will orient students to academic programs and services.  At the end of the orientation, students will get Student ID’s, Campus Access Cards, A Sampoerna University Jacket, Wi-fi Access, a University Email Address and other resources related to facilities including library and student portal access.

Health Services

The Sampoerna University health clinic provides basic medical services at no charge to students. The clinic is located on the 19th floor, next to the Counseling Room.  A doctor or medical staff person is available every day from Monday to Friday from 10.00 – 15.00.

Student Affairs also invites doctors from local hospitals to give Health Talk Sessions to talk to students about living a healthy life and the importance of taking preventive measures for specific illnesses which are common to young people.

Career Services

Student Affairs provides a few services to help students to be work-ready through a series of programs such as career seminars, CV Reviews, Interview Practice, and job information sharing of internships and full-time employment.

In order to help students understand whether their career goals match their interests and personalities, students are also invited to join personality and job-fit assessments. All programs are offered to students without charge,  and all program invitations are sent to students by university email and WA groups, therefore students should be active in checking their email and WA messages.

Student Success

Student Success is a systematic and proactive strategy by the university to support the success of students academically during education journey with us. The supports are designed to satisfy the need for tutoring, study skills, and learning resources. Students’ performance and progress are monitored since their admission process. Interventions are delivered based on thorough assessment of their needs.


The student success promotes its program through 3 key units:

  1. Tutoring Center

Providing students with academic supports with regular tutoring sessions weekly and accommodate individual students with different learning pace in separate sessions. Our tutors are mostly the second and third year students and alumni who commit their time especially during the weekends. There are at 20 to 30 courses with tutoring services available in every semester that covers most critical courses in students’ degree completion including English, Mathematics, Engineering, and Accounting.

Tutoring service is also offered at the early stage of students’ admission process. Candidate students with certain learning needs especially for Mathematics placement for Engineering program provided with a 4 to 8 weeks intervention programs.

  1. Counselling Center

Personal worries and problems can negatively affect student’s motivation and academic performance.  To help students with personal issues, our counselling services provide a safe, confidential resource for students to work through some of their issues.

Students can request a private counseling session with our school counselor through their Student Portal.  Counseling sessions are conducted in a private counseling room on the 19th floor. This service provides support  student’s mental health and personal wellbeing. It also can help students who are at risk of failing and showing inability to perform in their classes.

  1. Library or Learning Resources Center

Providing students with relevant resources for their academic success. A personal assistantship is available to help students in doing research or develop certain skills especially in writing research. The resources are improved by accommodating requests from faculties and students. click here to read more


Student Development

Sampoerna University offers various types of workshops, training and certification classes which are designed to help students to succeed academically and professionally.  These programs are supported by professionals from industry, experienced alumni and professional trainers from different industries and backgrounds. They help students to learn about life skills, soft skills and competences which are important to help students succeed with their life goals, in academics, or in future life after graduation. Aside from trainings on campus, we also invite students to participate in external activities conducted by external parties, such as seminars and training activities, conferences, as well as competitions. Students will be supported to join competitions and conferences in both national and international levels, and they also earn special acknowledgement and reward from the University for their achievements. All these programs encourage students to develop their skills and grow towards achieving success.

Internship Program

Internship is required for all students to learn from industry and society.  It is also an experiential opportunity to apply academic knowledge gained in the classroom to a real-world situation. Therefore career service in Student Affair unit will gain internship vacancies from industries for students. Faculty or lecturers also provide support in recommending students to corporate and community partners participating in their Industry Advisory Boards. Students have to join a mandatory credit-based internship based on their academic timeline, but they also can join another internship which non-credit and outside their study background in their free time to enrich their learning and working experience.

Recreational Facilities

Students are allowed to destress and spend free time in designated areas around campus. These recreation areas are located in the Student Union and in outdoor facilities such as the soccer field.

Alumni Engagement

Graduates or alumni are always invited to various activities of alumni gathering , alumni talk show or other knowledge sharing events which are open for public. These activities are coordinated by the Alumni Association and Student and Alumni Affairs.  Some alumni participate the program to upskill their knowledge, maintain their network and enrich the experiences especially if they participated as a presenter or speaker in the activities. Their sharing about work-life as beneficial for students’ career preparation.

Student Testimony

  • Nathan Ansel
    I chose Sampoerna University because Sampoerna University is in collaboration with the University of Arizona where you can get a U.S.-like experience while still studying here in Jakarta. I’m very glad that I chose SU because SU facilitates me to achieve my degree with high-quality lecturers who can guide and help me achieve my degree. SU also has a lot of non-academic related interests and they facilitate students to chase them.
    Nathan Ansel | Mechanical Engineering, 2021
  • Photo of Auliya Putri Mulyandini
    Sampoerna University has been a supportive and vibrant learning environment and allows me to enjoy both my studies and my university life simultaneously. Aside from that, Sampoerna University has also provided various learning opportunities beyond lecture sessions, including insightful webinars, and workshops, as well as organizational opportunities which have allowed me to learn and grow both academically, professionally and personally. I feel that Sampoerna University has fostered students to an extent, and I’m glad to be a part of it.
    Auliya Putri Mulyandini | Accounting, 2022
  • Peace Jemima | English Language Education, 2022
    I would say that the atmosphere at Sampoerna University is actually pleasant, I’ve come across many helpful friends and lecturers as well, and I feel like the lecturers and the friends at Sampoerna University are also understanding and outgoing. I also feel like Sampoerna University offers me high-quality education which helps me to fulfill and reach my fullest potential in my education in the future and make me have a better future.
    Peace Jemima | English Language Education, 2022
  • Alfred Juliant
    The quality of education at Sampoerna University is impressive. Sampoerna University offers American Curriculum in collaboration with the University of Arizona, which helps us the student to become globally competent, and the facilities and equipment are very sophisticated for engineering students like me. We literally have a jet engine inside the lab! It helps us to apply our theoretical knowledge inside the classroom to real-world situations. Everyone here is very friendly, the professors are always available to help us, and we have student advisors and the career center to guide us. We also have lots of extracurricular activities and student organizations to participate in.
    Alfred Juliant | Mechanical Engineering, 2022
  • Shareen Gumulya
    What I like the most about my degree here at Sampoerna University is that we are taught a lot of new courses that are foreign to us, like Visual Sound Effects, 3D Design, Creative Coding, and others. And we are guided from zero basically, so this allowed me to broaden my horizon about the creative industry and allowed me to further discover what I’m truly passionate about.
    Shareen Gumulya | Visual Communication Design, 2020


Contact us by email at student.affairs@sampoernauniversity.ac.id to inquire further information.