Campus Orientation

All freshmen will learn about campus life through a week program called “A New Student Orientation Program” organized by Student Affairs. It is conducted before an academic year starts and it will help students transition into college life. They will meet all new friends in a session designed attractively so every student can enjoy the session and knowing each other. Senior year students will lead this session and they can become the buddy who can help freshmen adapt to campus life. In this session, students meet faculty members and staff who will share their programs and services. Students will also enjoy some team-work games. After the orientation, students will get some properties such as Student ID, Campus Access Card, University Jacket, Wi-fi Access, Email Address and other information related to facilities including library and student portal access.

Health Services

A health clinic generally provides medical services at no charge to students. The room is located on the 5th floor, across from the computer labs. The doctor is available three days a week on the following schedule:

Mondays (12.00 – 15.00);
Wednesdays (12.00 – 15.00); and
Fridays (12.00 – 15.00).

Student Affairs annually invites a doctor from Hospital in a Health Talk Session to share about Healthy Life or preventive measures for specific disease treatments which are important for young people.

Career Counseling Services

Student Affairs provides a number of services to help students to be work-ready and world-ready through internship experience and job opportunities prior to graduation.

Students are connected to various industry partners to get internships and job opportunities as well as career advice through career workshop series. The workshop includes sessions of creating a powerful CV, job interview training and role-play as well mentoring and coaching session from professionals from industries. In order to help students, understand more about the career options that suit their personalities, Sampoerna University proudly uses the resources of CareerFitter.com to help our students with career tests and resources, guiding them toward answering “What career should I have?”.

Student Counseling Services

Personal worries and problems can negatively affect student’s motivation to study or academic performance. Addressing these issues in counseling is a proactive and right step to take. Students can request a private counseling session and arrange a meeting with our school counselor at a time convenient for them through the students’ portal. Counseling sessions are conducted in a separate counseling room on the 6th floor at an arranged and confirmed date and time.

Student Development

The university supports students to explore their skills and experience through competition and international conferences as well other prestigious development activities. The support includes coaching and advising as well as financial support. Students with special achievement will be awarded annually to motivate more students increase their value and competencies. Student Affairs also provides some trainings or activities to increase students’ knowledge and experience related to any entrepreneurial, leadership, community services, professional skills development, etc.

Student Organization And Clubs

Students can join various organizations and clubs from semester one. These organizations and clubs help students develop non-academic competencies such as leadership skills, organizational skills, communication skills, presentation skills, etc. Students can choose to join one or more of the following organizations and clubs. It can be part of a development stage towards the expansion and enhancement of their intellectual insight and integrity. Sampoerna University encourages the establishment of student organizations for the purpose of accommodating various interests and needs of the campus community.

The following are the organizations and clubs:

Business and Language Clubs
– Business Club
– English Club
– Journalism Club
– Japanese Club

Artistic Clubs
– Art Club
– Choir Club
– Dance Club
– Cinematography Club
– Acoustics Club

Sports Clubs
– Adventure Club
– Futsal Club
– Basketball Club
– Volleyball Club
– Badminton Club
– Table Tennis Club
– Merpati Putih Club
– Archery Club

Religious Organizations
– Moslem Organization
– Christian Organization
– Hindu Organization

Study Clubs
– Management Club
– Accounting Club
– Engineering Club

Recreational Facilities

Students are allowed to destress and spend free time in the designated areas. These recreation areas are located on the first floor of the Main Campus in L’Avenue, such as the soccer field and Student Union Room.

Alumni Engagement

Former students or alumni will be engaged with one another through annual alumni gathering conducted by SU Alumni Association supported by Student Affairs. This event enables alumni and university to initiate any programs that bring mutual benefits for all parties including existing students. Many alumni who work in various top companies voluntarily contribute to students’ development especially in career preparation.


Contact us by email at student.affairs@sampoernauniversity.ac.id to inquire further about these services.