Campus Orientation

All freshmen will learn about campus life through a “A New Student Orientation Program” organized by Student Affairs. It is conducted before an academic year starts and it will help students transition into college life. They will meet new friends in a session designed to provide them with information while meeting other students.  Senior year students will lead this session and can become mentors who can help freshmen adapt to campus life.  Students will also meet faculty members and staff who will orient students to academic programs and services.  At the end of the orientation, students will get Student ID’s, Campus Access Cards, A Sampoerna University Jacket, Wi-fi Access, a University Email Address and other resources related to facilities including library and student portal access.

Health Services

The Sampoerna University health clinic provides basic medical services at no charge to students. The clinic is located on the 19th floor, across from the computer labs. A doctor is available three days a week on the following schedule:

Mondays (12.00-15.00);

Wednesdays (12.00- 15.00); and

Fridays (12.00 – 15.00).

Student Affairs also invites doctors from local hospitals to give Health Talk Sessions to talk to students about living a healthy life and the importance of taking preventive measures for specific disease treatments which are important for young people.

Career Counseling Services

Student Affairs provides a number of services to help students to be work-ready and world-ready through internship experiences and job opportunities while they are enrolled and upon graduation.

Students are connected to various industry partners to get internships and job opportunities as well as career advice through a career workshop series. The workshops include sessions on creating a powerful CV, job interview preparation, and mock job interviews.  The office also coordinates mentoring and coaching sessions provided by industry professionals.

In order to help students understand more about their career options that suit their interests and personalities, Sampoerna University uses the resources of CareerFitter.com to help our students with career tests and resources, guiding them toward answering “What career should I have?”.

Student Counseling Services

Personal worries and problems can negatively affect student’s motivation and academic performance.  To help students with personal issues, our counselling services provide a safe, confidential resource for students to work through some of their issues.

Students can request a private counseling session with our school counselor through their Student Portal.  Counseling sessions are conducted in a private counseling room on the 6th floor.

Student Development

Sampoerna University offers training sessions designed to help students to succeed academically and professionally. The offered training sessions may cover the following categories:

  • Academic excellence
  • Personal development
  • Relationships
  • Life skills to develop character and leadership qualities
  • Job and Career
  • Professional skills
  • Public speaking
  • Software utilization
  • Other topics as needed

Students with special achievement will be recognized annually and asked to share their achievements with other students.

Student Organizations And Clubs

Students are encouraged to join various organizations and clubs.  Organizations and clubs help students develop non-academic competencies such as leadership skills, organizational skills, communication skills, presentation skills, and other social competencies. Students can choose to join one or more of the following organizations and clubs.

Students Organization

  • Student Legislative Board Sampoerna University
  • Student Executive Board Sampoerna University
  • Student Executive Board Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Student Executive Board Faculty of Business
  • Student Executive Board Faculty of Education

Education Club

  • IMECHE (Institution of Mechanical Engineering Sampoerna University)
  • IEOM (Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Sampoerna University)
  • English Club
  • Sampoerna Young Investor Club
  • GDSC (Google Developer Students Club)

Arts Club

  • SUMMER Club (Sampoerna University Music Management and Performance)
  • Sampoerna University Choir Club (Seraf Voce)
  • Japanese Club
  • STADIUM (Sampoerna Talent of Tripodium)

Special Club

  • KMHD Yowana Hindu Dharma
  • LDK Syamil (Moeslem Family)
  • CACTUS Club (Christian and Catholic Students Club)
  • Business Club
  • Sampoerna University Creative House

Sports Club

  • Basketball Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Archery Club
  • Futsal Club

Some prestigious events and activities that has been conducted by Students Organizations and Clubs

  • TEDxSampoernaUniversity
  • FETO (Festival of Engineering and Technology)
  • Sampoerna University Mengabdi
  • Kartini Dewantara and Festival
  • Sampoerna University Olympic
  • Bluprint Business Competition

And many other innovative and impactful events

Internship Program

At Sampoerna University, we believe that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. All students are required to complete an internship in a field related to their studies. An internship is an experiential opportunity to apply academic knowledge gained in the classroom to a real-world situation.

The Career Services Office provides guidance and resources to prepare students to seek and secure an internship through individual consultation and workshops in skills development, such as:

  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing
  • Networking

Faculty deans and lecturers also provide support in recommending students to corporate and community partners participating in their Industry Advisory Boards.

Benefits for Students

  • Strengthens the experiential learning of students by directly applying academic knowledge to real-world problems;
  • Prepares students to enter the workforce and introduces them to potential employers;
  • Provides an opportunity to explore the internship experience as a topic for the final project.

Internship requirements

The requirements for internship program refer to the final project prerequisites, with other documentation requirements as follows:

  • An internship application letter addressed to the desired internship partner companies;
  • Two 3 X 4 color photographs;
  • A cover letter that describes the willingness to work full time and to follow the rules in force of the intended employer;
  • Attendance at a minimum number of internship seminars that provide guidance, support, and the opportunity to share experiences;
  • A written summary report at the conclusion of the internship.

Recreational Facilities

Students are allowed to destress and spend free time in designated areas around campus. These recreation areas are located in the Student Union and in outdoor facilities such as the soccer field.

Alumni Engagement

Former students and alumni are invited back to Sampoerna University (SU) during an annual alumni gathering coordinated by the SU Alumni Association with support from Student Affairs.  This event gives alumni and the university an opportunity to re-connect and initiate programs that benefit the Sampoerna University community.  SU is grateful for the active participation of its alumni who contribute to the development of current students.


Contact us by email at student.affairs@sampoernauniversity.ac.id to inquire further about these services.