22 Dec 2023

Empowering Voices: Lingua Plaza – Fostering a Community of Diverse Linguistic Narratives

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In a celebration of linguistic diversity and academic camaraderie, the Faculty of Education (FoE) at Sampoerna University recently hosted “Empowering Voices: Lingua Plaza,” a unique event that echoes the resonances of students’ English language journeys. This gathering serves as a vibrant platform where students, hailing from various faculties, converge to share their language-learning experiences, thoughts, and passions.


Held monthly or bimonthly, the Lingua Plaza event held on Friday, 3rd November 2023, from 15:30 to 17:00 at 19F.01, exemplified the vision of fostering a strong sense of community. Organized and led by FoE students, the Lingua Plaza is a testament to the university’s commitment to providing a holistic learning experience.


The primary goal of the Lingua Plaza is to allow students to articulate their thoughts and experiences in English, thereby gaining exposure to the language in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The event encourages participants to initiate discussions on topics of their choosing, creating an open and engaging space for language practice and cultural exchange.


A distinctive aspect of the Lingua Plaza is its inclusive nature, welcoming students not only from the Faculty of Education but also from other faculties. This deliberate inclusion aims to foster connections and friendships across disciplines, enriching the university experience beyond the classroom.


Quoted from a testimonial shared by Pak Eka, several students shared their impressions and takeaways from the Lingua Plaza program. Bahagia Dito Mangkuluhur, a member of the Cohort 2020, described the event as “fun, enriching, and engaging,” highlighting the unique approach of introducing uncommon topics that sparked enjoyable and stimulating conversations.


Queen Sahana Tazky Han, also from Cohort 2020, praised Lingua Plaza for providing an interactive and supportive learning environment. According to her, the sessions not only helped in practice English-speaking skills but also boosted her confidence. She expressed her appreciation for the interactive sharing sessions with friends and lecturers, expanding her horizon of knowledge. 


Anista Satria, a participant from Cohort 2021, emphasized that Lingua Plaza goes beyond academic discussions. In her perspective, the event serves as a platform to foster relationships between students and lecturers, creating a space for meaningful connections outside the academic realm.


Nathasya Olas, another participant from Cohort 2021, echoed a sentiment of camaraderie and unity. For her, Lingua Plaza is not merely an avenue for sharing experiences but a representation of unity and collaboration within the FOE community. The event, in her view, has evolved into a comforting space where students from various cohorts and lecturers bond over shared campus experiences.


In essence, Empowering Voices: Lingua Plaza stands as a testament to the commitment of Sampoerna University to provide a well-rounded educational experience. By offering students a platform to share their language-learning journeys and fostering cross-disciplinary connections, Lingua Plaza embodies the spirit of academic and cultural enrichment. As Lingua Plaza continues to resonate through the university, it reinforces the notion that linguistic diversity is not just a challenge to overcome but a celebration to be embraced.

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