08 Dec 2023

Exploring Engineering Ethics in the Digital Era with Dr. Lydia Anggraini

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On November 10th, 2023, a guest lecture occurred at Sampoerna University as a part of the Senior Colloquium course. The guest lecture was presented by Dr. Eng. Lydia Anggraini, S.T., M. Eng., an aspiring educator, and researcher who currently is the head of the Mechanical Engineering study program at President University, Indonesia. With her educational background, she gave an insight into the engineering ethics problems in the modern digital world.


The lecture started with an opening remark and introduction by the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Dr. Eng. Ir. Farid Triawan. Afterward, Dr. Lydia proceeded to deliver her lectures, covering comprehensive topics ranging from internet ethics, online privacy, safety, civility, and hoax, to copyright and plagiarism issues. She explained the definitions and importance of each term one by one and provided an example of each topic. One example of the topic is about intellectual property, which protects the authored works and inventions from fraud ownership.



After the lecture ended, Dr. Lydia opened a Q&A forum discussion about engineering topics. One notable question came from one student, Azka, addressing how data fraud from social media is being normalized by people, especially in Indonesia. In response to that question, Dr. Lydia firmly stated that it is not okay to normalize data fraud. However, with everything that is going on in Indonesia’s cybersecurity, it is almost impossible to remove the threat of data fraud completely. The only way to tackle this is to be cautious and avoid any suspicious links or calls that may be coming from the scammer.


Following the presentation and Q&A, Dr. Lydia gave a case study related to fraud in engineering and ways to maintain engineering ethics. In groups of 4, students were given 15 minutes to research this topic and then present their findings in front of the class. One interesting presentation came from a group that discussed the deception of lead usage in automobile gasoline. Thomas Midgley Jr claimed that his invention, “ethyl gasoline”, would increase the combustion engine’s performance. The shocking truth is that he used tetraethyl lead, which contains lead (Pb), a very toxic chemical element. Despite that, Thomas branded his gasoline as “ethyl” to deceive people into thinking that it was chemically safe. Because of this fraud, the resulting burning of lead gasoline caused millions of premature deaths and an extreme decline in IQ. An important engineering ethic to learn from this case is about the integrity of a researcher because your invention will impact other people.



After all the groups had presented their study case, Dr. Farid made a closing remark to wrap up the guest lecture series. “Through this lecture, hopefully, the students gain a lot of insights about engineering ethics, and implement this well in the future”, said Dr. Farid. 


Sampoerna University is dedicated to providing the highest quality U.S. education in Indonesia. The commitment goes beyond traditional classroom settings, as students not only engage in learning from experienced professors but also have unique opportunities to collaborate and gain insights from professionals within their respective fields. This innovative approach ensures a well-rounded education that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering practical experiences that prepare students for real-world challenges. By fostering collaboration between students and industry experts, Sampoerna University creates a dynamic learning environment that equips graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen careers. 



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