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Faye’s Story: From Medan to Tucson

By October 14, 2019September 28th, 2021News & Event, News & Events Faculty of Business
Faye's Story

Being open to new experiences, nothing excites Faye Victoria Arif more than meeting new people from around the world. After her seamless transfer, she is now going to Eller College of Management, which is often ranked at the top in business school rankings in the U.S. and the world. The business school operates under the University of Arizona that is in partnership with Sampoerna University.

“At times, many international students tend to shy away from something different and stepping out of their comfort zones, which is understandable. However, by doing this, they’re only closing themselves off from making meaningful connections with people and doing thing they would otherwise not be able to do back home!” she shared her valuable piece of advice for those who want to follow the same path.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity (of transferring to Eller College of Management) as I was able to successfully transfer all of the college credits I’ve obtained here to the University of Arizona and thus speed up my graduation date,” said Faye who was born and raised in Medan.

Last semester was her first time enrolling in higher-tier Eller courses. And Faye did her best in every course she took. She was designated as captain of her Business Communications team and was in charge of delegating tasks to all of the team mates while ensuring that the team was on track for Case Competition, which is held annually at the business school. “I was also a preceptor for a Business Statistics course I took the previous semester,” she proudly added.

Though Faye is so preoccupied with her academic activities, she still makes time for outdoor adventures. “I spend my free time hanging out with my friends. On the weekends, we drive up to hills and canyons to watch the sun set,” she spoke.

Speaking of her favorite classes so far, Faye said that Business Communication and Business Statistics are ones she enjoys most. She feels like these two courses have immediate practical use in the work field.

“I’m hoping to gain work experience back in Asia after graduation before furthering my studies in International Business Law for graduate school,” Faye revealed her future plans after graduation.

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