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Sampoerna University Students Won Best Presenter Awards in the Mechanical Engineering 2nd Joint Symposium

2nd Joint Symposium

Sampoerna University in collaboration with several well-known Universities such as Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, President University, Universitas Pertamina, and the University of Nottingham, UK, held the 2nd Joint Symposium in Mechanical Engineering on Thursday, August 26th, 2021.

This year’s theme of the symposium was centered on the Role of Mechanical Engineers in Sustainable Development Goals to be a medium for all the participants for exchanging ideas, learning experience, research, and ongoing related projects.

There were 2 sessions that highlighted the participation of Sampoerna University at this event. In the 1st session, Djati Wibowo, Ph.D. represented Sampoerna University as one of the keynote speakers and in the 2nd session, seven students from Sampoerna University took part as presenters to present their research projects.

Four students from the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of Sampoerna University were awarded as the Best Presenter in the Student 2nd Joint Symposium: Gabriel Sineri (Evaluation on Electric Three-wheeled Vehicle ‘e-trike’ Chassis Design For Rollover Accident), Putri Angelica (Design Proposal of Mini Compression Test Machine for Food Testing Application), Muhammad Bayu Nur Akbar  (Distance-Based Formation Control of Double Integrator Agents), and Tiara Kusuma Dewi (Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation with Offline Convolutional Neural Network). This is affirming Sampoerna University’s intention to always nurture, stand and support our students and lectures activities to be equipped and ready for society at large.

At Sampoerna University, we fully support our students and lecturers to attend national and international events that will help them acquire as much knowledge as possible from scholars and scientists from around the country and the world.