08 Nov 2023

Five Sampoerna University Students Receive Entrepreneurship Grant from the Ministry of Youth and Sports


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Representing Sampoerna University to National Selection of Grant Entrepreneurship KEMENPORA 2023

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora RI) officially announced the recipients of the 2023 Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Awards (WMP) and the Young Entrepreneur Movement Awards earlier this month. Approximately 175 students from 35 universities across Indonesia were chosen to receive an entrepreneurial funding grant for developing their businesses.

Five Sampoerna University students were among those selected to receive funding for their businesses. The appreciation and award ceremony for the 3rd Stage of the Young Entrepreneur Awards were carried out by the Assistant Deputy for Youth Development and held from October 25th to 27th at the Aston Kartika Grogol Hotel. The event was conducted in a hybrid manner, so that all Indonesian universities could participate.


“We are really proud that five of our students made it to the final stage and successfully secured funding to build their businesses,” stated Dr. Wahdi Salasi April Yudhi, M.Dev Admin, Ph.D., the Rector of Sampoerna University. Students completed several stages in this competition process. First, they participated in an Entrepreneurship Workshop at Sampoerna University designed to give them awareness on how to become entrepreneurs through the Youth Entrepreneurship Lecture.  This was followed by administrative stages, training on how to pitch a product or service, learning about the Canvas Business Model, and preparing product presentations.



Here are the profiles of the Sampoerna University student grant winners:

  1. Muhammad Nafis Aimanurrohman, a 2020 Computer Science student. Nafis actively participates in both academic and non-academic activities, such as extracurriculars and organizations, while simultaneously building his business in website development under the name WebVerse. Further business details can be found on the Instagram account @webverse.id.
  2. Sultansyah Reza Abdillah, a Mechanical Engineering student has a hobby of collecting vintage motorcycles and serving as an intermediary for buying and selling these vintage motorcycles. Thanks to Reza’s hobby, he established a business in 2021 named Fifty One Garage and has successfully sold nearly 75 antique motorcycles in various regions of Central Java, including Semarang, Ungaran, and Bawen. More business details can be found at the Instagram account @fiftyone.garage.
  3. Steven Abed Lubis is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student who also focuses on building his business in traditional culinary arts called Mothy Food. He was selected for the Kemenpora program. Steven hails from Medan, and through his culinary business, he aims to introduce and foster a love for Indonesia’s regional cuisine by sharing his unique and distinct flavors with Sampoerna students.
  4. Philip Kusuma Surya is a student of Industrial Engineering whose creative interest is video editing. Despite studying Industrial Engineering, Philip’s passion led him to further explore the creative world. Consequently, he founded Roku Studio as a platform providing video editing services to various clients across Indonesia.
  5. Alfred Juliant Susanto is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student who has ventured into the education sector by offering services as a private tutor of English and public speaking under the name Koko Alfred Academy. The business idea originated from Alfred’s interest in Public Speaking, driving him to channel his hobby in an entrepreneurial direction.


The selection of the top 5 students from Sampoerna University in the Youth Entrepreneurship Lecture competition is the result of the University’s constant commitment to continue fostering the potential of students in entrepreneurship and business. “As one of the best private universities in Jakarta, we will strive to continue nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among our students by providing substantial support in programs for entrepreneurship and business development like this,” added, Dr. Yudhi, the Rector of Sampoerna University.



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