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Get to Know the Choleric Personality: Dominant & Ambitious

By July 14, 2022March 16th, 2023Articles
choleric personality

Human characters are classified into four types, sanguine, melancholy, phlegmatic, and choleric. Choleric is a personality type based on temperament and character, people belonging to this personality type are known as people who are suitable to be leaders. Because of his ability to use logic and facts in thinking and arguing very well.

People with the choleric personality type are often seen as ambitious in what they do. They like to be leaders and have a tendency to like to organize and make rules, that choleric is also quick and agile in thinking to make decisions, competitive, perfectionist to be independent of themselves.

Getting to Know Choleric Characters

Choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic have their character and can be recognized through their characteristics. To see the personality traits of this type, it can be seen from their respective characters, the attitudes shown daily. Starting from the nature of choleric and what is the person’s goal in making life choices.

Choleric people have extrovert traits, although they are easily offended, people with this character can become group leaders. These personality traits can be very involved in everything they do, from work to during conversation. The tone of their speech is like commanding and governing.

What is choleric? One of the personalities who is easily offended, in general people will imagine if they are a figure of bullying. Although it should be noted that not all of these personality traits are easily offended or a nuisance. Some of them don’t even like bullies.

For this personality type, competition is not a bad thing but is considered a game because they want to prove themselves and challenge people who they think have evil traits. Choleric also generally dislikes authority, although deep down he wants to be authoritarian.

Cholerics want to be in control and have the belief that they believe no one is better than them to be in charge of what they believe in. Included in the type of person who is impulsive and active, but can easily become enthusiastic about something new.

Choleric Character Traits

Choleric has a weakness, this personality type is easily thrown and swayed from balance to become angry when things don’t go according to his will. This type can be a person with extreme performance and enthusiasm, but will also mourn failure with a dramatic choleric melancholy, here are some of the characteristics of a choleric personality.

  • Dominant

Dominant in the sense of a fast thinker and capable of being a reliable charmer, this personality type also includes people who are independent, competitive to very confident. This is why the choleric character stands out more than the other characters.

  • Leader and Speaker

Choleric is known as a leader and a great speaker, this personality type likes to talk to attract the attention of many listeners. Choleric is an executor in addition to being a leader.

  • Ambitious

The fire of ambition ignites in the choleric, Tess Thompson in her book Choleric Melancholic Personality mentions that people with this character are known to be dominant, strong, and have a great desire to get what they want.

  • Manipulative and Stubborn

Personality Plus by Florence Littauer states that one of the negative sides of people who have a choleric character personality type is manipulative and seems unsympathetic. Stubbornness is another bad trait that they have because of the feeling of being dominant until they feel powerful.

  • Like to Force

Tend to have a personality that likes to force, one of which forces others to do the best according to him. He can encourage others to do something beyond the limits of that person’s ability.

  • Narcissist

Choleric personality also has a narcissistic nature, very proud of himself but that does not mean that the choleric type person has a narcissistic disorder. They only consider themselves to be the most meritorious people in a group because of the contributions they make.

Cholerics are also often unwilling to apologize if they believe that what they did was not wrong, big or small. To be free from the obligation to apologize, he may manipulate the feelings of others and place the blame on people who are not real.

Examples of Choleric Personality in Daily Life

  • Businessman

Entrepreneurs are one type of job that is suitable for people with a choleric personality type. This type of work is an easy example of how to see someone’s choleric personality, besides getting creativity, entrepreneurs also dare to take risks to face these challenges.

  • Technology

Jobs related to technology are considered suitable for a choleric, who is a personality type who likes challenges. Technological developments that are always changing and fast make choleric feel challenged to overcome them.

  • Security officer

Quick to make decisions for the good of oneself and others when faced with problems, besides that, he also has a leadership spirit that is characterized and full of enthusiasm in carrying out his duties.

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