27 Mar 2020

Growing Investment Interest for Youths

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As we are seeing more and more young people entering the job market, their disposable incomes are also increasing. However, most of them seem to be ignorant of the importance of financial literacy. They tend to splurge almost all their regular incomes for tertiary needs such as hanging out at a fancy coffee shop and fashionable outfits. These youths mostly forget that they also need to save their money and even better, to invest some of their money for the sake of a better, more financially stable future.

Pegadaian in its recent digital transformation responded to the current problems by launching a “G-Star Generation” concept. The concept itself includes 5 main strategies to grow: growing its core businesses, grabbing new opportunities, grooming internal talents, Gen-Z Tech (developing the latest generation technology), and Great Culture (a great corporate culture).

“Pegadaian is not immune to disruptions either. We entirely acknowledge that there are innovations and these disruptive innovations are finally winning the market, which is why Pegadaian must quickly change its old ways of doing business to new ways,” stated Ngatawi, S.E. (Vice President of Pegadaian of Jember and Kebayoran Baru Area, Jakarta Selatan) while sharing his views at “Growing Investment Interest among Millennials Since an Early Age” session at Sampoerna University on Friday, March 6, 2020.

Based on a recent survey, Ngatawi claimed that youths nowadays show that they have higher level of financial literacy. But knowing is one thing and putting theories and knowledge into real practice is totally another.

“The financial literacy level is at 785% which very high. This means every youth has financial knowledge on almost 8 financial products. We also found that on average they have 3 financial products. Of all available financial products, saving and investment are two most popular,” he affirmed.

This survey also showed that 97.6% of the respondents are aware of gold as an investment tool. “But what is surprising is that only 29.6% of them have already had gold as their investment tool. This is why Pegadaian offers the solution to the gap,” added Ngatawi. Gold is considered a great investment tool as it is relatively stable despite the increasing inflation rate. Pegadaian offers a way to invest gold without high risks as it is guaranteed and legal.

Ngatawi advised that youths must start early so they can be more financially stable in the future. He shared a simple formula to regulate monthly cashflow. “You can divide your income into this formula: 40% for everyday consumption such as foods and drinks and other daily needs, 30% for instalment payment (in case you have debts to pay every month), 20% for saving or investment or insurance, and the rest 10% for any social causes including donations, charities, etc.,” he spoke as he showed a chart of a recipe of a healthy and balanced cashflow for youths.

To reach the target consumers, PT Pegadaian also launched its new app called “Pegadaian Digital”. This is meant to digitize all business transactions from opening an account to buying gold as an investment and saving tool to secure the future.

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