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Guest Lecture from Prof. Pat Wheeler and Dr. Bagus Muljadi from The University of Nottingham, UK

On November 8, 2022, two professors from University of Nottingham, UK, Dr. Bagus Muljadi and Prof. Pat Wheeler, visited Sampoerna University to give lecture at Sampoerna University on the importance of multidisciplinary research and Power Electronics.

The opening remark was delivered by the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Surya Danusaputro Liman, PhD. In his talk, Liman highlighted the importance of international collaboration in education and research activities between the two universities.

Dr. Bagus Muljadi tells a moving story on how he was originally studying mechanical engineering major as his bachelor’s degree and ended up solving problems with multidisciplinary approach. His first job was to do a computational fluid dynamics analysis for a fluid flow problem in a semiconductor product. Using the similar skills of numerical simulation, in his post-doctoral job at Imperial College London, he took the chance to formulate a mathematical model to compute an oil-extraction process from highly porous rocks. These problems required not only mechanical engineering concept, but also mathematics, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, and material science. Now he is an Assistant Professor in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham.

“Nowadays, an engineer is demanded to not only have 1 specialty, but also having the understanding of other cross disciplinary fields so can deliver comprehensive engineering solution. So, willingness to learn and grow is the core value”, said Muljadi in his talks.

The second lecture was presented by Prof. Pat Wheeler, the Head of Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research Group and Professor of Power Electronic Systems, Faculty of Engineering in University of Nottingham. Wheeler explains his research projects in developing an electric passenger airplane. This technology requires not only a huge power of electric motor but also will require huge energy storage capacity. However, he mentioned that the current battery technology is not enough to accommodate storing the amount of energy required to fly an airplane. Fundamental research to create a new type of battery for airplane application is therefore urgently needed.

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department in Sampoerna University, Dr. Eng. Ir. Farid Triawan, emphasized in the closing remarks that students of Sampoerna University should consider of pursuing their higher degrees abroad. Sampoerna University is committed to give the full support for students pursuing Master’s and Doctorate’s degrees in reputable international universities such as University of Nottingham, such as by providing a consulting service in the Student Alumni Affair unit.