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How to Make Attractive Thesis Titles

By July 25, 2022August 29th, 2022Articles

This is the final challenge that must be faced and completed by every student who wants to graduate and earn a bachelor’s degree. However, not all students are able to complete this final project easily, not even a few have been complicated by the title of the thesis, in this case many students admit to having difficulties and even giving up.

Finding and setting a title is a crucial step, because the title is the initial stage in the thesis writing process. It is necessary to consider carefully in choosing a title, it could be that the title and the chosen theme can complicate the process of making a thesis. If the title has been submitted to the supervisor, the student has the right to move to the next chapter.

The Importance of Thesis Title and Characteristics

It is necessary to understand why the title is an important part in writing a thesis, the title in the thesis contains the arrangement of words that form a long sentence. Functioning to describe the subject and argument of the thesis, usually the title is still written at the beginning of the research proposal but can also be considered until the end of the research.

The example of the thesis title may change because it must be adjusted to the findings and the way at the end of the writing, thus the thesis should be able to explain the summary outline of the research carried out. A good title should be structured in short, straightforward sentences and cover the overall picture.

Before knowing how to determine a title, it is important to first know the characteristics of a good and interesting thesis. In this case, a good and attractive title must meet four important indicators. Here are some characteristics of the title for an interesting thesis that must be considered.

  • The title should be able to describe the prediction of the research content.
  • A good title is short, clear and catchy.
  • The title reflects the tone of the writing or the direction of the research.
  • The title should contain important keywords that make it easier to find, for anyone doing a keyword search.

Tips and How to Create a Thesis Title


  • Customize Title with Interests

The first way to determine the title is to adjust to the interests of the author or creator. It must be known what interests are in accordance with the wishes, this is very important because it can encourage students to remain enthusiastic and comfortable in completing them. Take some time to find out what interests you in yourself.

  • Expand Title Reference

Spend more time in the library, spend reading and doing research on previous thesis. This method does not rule out the possibility that students can get inspiration to make titles, one of which can be developing a thesis from a pre-existing title.

  • Develop Titles from Old Research

By simply reading old research, students can come up with new titles and provide inspiration for title creation. Read journals both domestically and abroad, this opportunity is not to be used as plagiarism but as a means to develop research so that it becomes a new title.

  • Reference from Trusted Site

Read a lot of references from anywhere, be it news sites, media to other scientific works, the goal is to get a lot of insight from these references. In this way, ideas or interests will emerge as the first step in determining the title for the thesis, the business sector can also be an opportunity to get an accounting thesis title and a management thesis title.

  • Discussion with Seniors

This method also includes a step in adding insight before determining the title, of course the discussion is carried out with seniors or seniors who have already graduated. This is the importance of having a wide network while on campus, including the advantages of being active in the organization so that it is not difficult to do so.

  • Participate in Lecturer Projects

Consider participating in a lecturer project, this method is a surefire solution in getting inspiration for making paper and thesis titles. Moreover, the process of working on a project from a lecturer cannot be done alone, of course it requires help from other students. This means that you are not alone in working on the project.

  • Observe the Surroundings

The last tip that can be applied is to observe the surrounding environment, this observation makes students understand the current issues or problems faced by many surrounding communities.

There are many obstacles in determining the title, because this initial process really determines how the flow of making the thesis runs. Not infrequently students have to be willing to change the title in the middle of the road or even at the end of the process because the supervisor’s demands that the title and content are not related to each other or even deviate far from the discussion.

This problem is very common considering that finding titles is not an easy thing to do. Some of the tips above can be used as a reference in obtaining a good and good title according to what will be raised in the discussion and have an impact on what you want to highlight.

That was a brief explanation of tips and how to make a title for a paper and thesis. Before deciding on an interesting title, it’s a good idea to do some research about what you want to research. Many journal references that can reference research. For example at Sampoerna University you can access the Indonesian Journal of Computing, Engineering, and Design (IJoCED) which contains good journals about computer science, engineering and design.

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