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Industrial Engineering: Description, Courses, and Job Prospects

By November 17, 2022December 24th, 2022Articles, Articles - FET
industrial engineering

Business and industry are dominating the modern world today. Therefore, students from industrial engineering study programs are one of the most demanded graduates by companies. 

So, what is industrial engineering, what are the courses, and how are the job prospects?  Check out the full explanation below!

Industrial Engineering Description

The Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language (KBBI) stated that engineering is knowledge and skill in making something related to industrial products (such as buildings and machines). While industry means an activity of processing goods using facilities and equipment, such as machines.

Therefore this major is a study program or science that studies the optimization of industrial activities such as production, management, and economics. Industrial processes are studied through management and engineering perspectives in this study program and more emphasis on the industrial management side.

The focus of these departments are on the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems that require the roles of people, materials, equipment and energy.

There are three major areas within this program:

Manufacturing System

Studying the improvement of quality, productivity, and efficiency of production systems.

Industrial Management

Studying financial management, operational management, innovation management, production planning and control, and engineering economics.

Industrial Systems and Techno-Economy

Studying logistics, statistics, operational research, and database systems.  The characteristics of students who are suitable to take this study program are those who are thorough, detailed, structured, prefer calculation and working alone, problem solver, diligent, rational, independent, and also enjoy doing analysis and research.

Knowledge and Skills

industrial engineering

There are several knowledge and skills that will be obtained if you choose this major as a study program, such as:

  1. Ability to perform analysis
  2. Systematic thinking ability
  3. Managerial ability
  4. Problem solving ability
  5. Decision making ability
  6. Ability to work in a team
  7. Mathematical understanding
  8. Basic understanding of technology

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Industrial Engineering Courses

What are the courses in the industrial engineering program? Here are some of the courses for this department:

  1. Production planning and control
  2. Product engineering
  3. E-business design
  4. Quality control and assurance
  5. Company layout design
  6. Occupational safety engineering
  7. Enterprise analysis and design
  8. Standardization and work conformity assessment
  9. Supply chain management

Not only about industry, students will also study other knowledge such as mathematics, physics, physiology, and scientific management, such as:

  1. Basic Physics
  2. Basic Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. Materials Engineering
  5. Drawing Techniques
  6. Probability Theory
  7. Industrial Electronics
  8. Basic Engineering Mechanics
  9. Matrix and Vector Space
  10. Industrial Statistics
  11. Industrial Psychology
  12. Introduction to Ergonomics
  13. Calculus
  14. System Modeling

Why Choosing an Industrial Engineering Program?

industrial engineering

This program is suitable for those who like engineering as well as management. In addition, currently the Indonesian industrial sector is growing rapidly and requires many graduates from this major.

This major is a unique engineering department because it can cross over various disciplines and has a lot of job opportunities.

Industrial Engineering Program Job Prospects 

How are the job prospects for the graduates of Industrial Engineering major? The answer is a lot, because graduates of this major can enter all types of industries, from small to large. Several positions offered are industrial engineering specialization division, engineering division, production division, cost planning division, and HRD division.

In addition, students can also have a career as part of operations and logistics, product manager, product quality controller, market researcher, data scientist, technician and operator, lecturer, quality assurance, quality control, and system analyst.

Lectures in the Industrial Engineering Program

In this major, students will learn how to design, manage, develop, and implement various elements into a system that is connected to factory functions, while increasing efficiency and maximizing added value.

Not only theory, students will also have field practice that must be carried out during lectures. The knowledge studied will be very broad, ranging from management to computer programming.

Industrial Engineering Program at Sampoerna University

The industrial engineering study program at Sampoerna University covers many skills such as analysis, development, improvement and implementation of integrated processes and their components, including materials, equipment, information, energy, people, money and time in an industry.

Graduates of this major design, develop, improve and manage efficient systems. In this study program, there is a combination of engineering, business, and communication with basic knowledge of computer science, mathematics, production management, process control, and human behavior.

Sampoerna University has a modern laboratory that supports the teaching and learning process during lectures.

One of the strengths of graduates from this major is having the technical training and understanding of people to drive increased efficiency and quality in industrial settings.

Graduates of this major can also enter all industries during their careers, such as the technology industry, health care, telecommunications, manufacturing, and government.

Job prospects for industrial engineering graduates from Sampoerna University include:

  • System Analyst
  • Operations Engineer
  • Risk Advisor
  • Consultant
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Program Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Process Control Analyst
  • Process Integration Specialist
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • IT Specialist
  • Corporate Values Consultant
  • SAP Consultant
  • Financial Modeling Specialist
  • Associate Engineer
  • Management Training
  • Continuous Improvement Engineer
  • Data Modeling

Graduates of this major at Sampoerna University will hold a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (S1) degree and have many competencies, including:

  • e-Commerce Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Manufacturing System
  • Process Optimization
  • Simulation Modeling

Scholarship Opportunity from Sampoerna University

At Sampoerna University there are a lot of opportunities to get scholarships for all students. So what are you waiting for? Make Industrial Engineering at Sampoerna University your choice of major and study program! Go directly to Sampoerna University official website here to register or schedule a consultation.

For further information regarding registration, curriculum, visits, and information about Sampoerna University, please fill in the data below.

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