22 Jan 2020

Iqbal Pamungkas on Blending between Work and Life

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Growing up as a child in a cool and hilly Wonosobo in Central Java, Iqbal Pamungkas has a long story to get to where he is now. At such a young age, he has been an independent individual. “I had lived far away from my parents since I was a junior high school student, then I got accepted in Sampoerna Academy Boarding School with a full scholarship then furthered my education at Sampoerna University,” said Iqbal who got Merit Scholarship as he was admitted at the university.

He then decided to major in Banking and Finance at Sampoerna University. “I also took a two-degree program in collaboration of Oregon State University (OSU) and Sampoerna University,” reminisced the young man who was majoring in Business Administration at Oregon State University at the same time.

Iqbal who is currently working at Grab Indonesia as a Junior Account Manager in Grab for Business recalled the moment of being admitted at Sampoerna University as “the very first experience in having two degree at the end of the university days”.

As a young professional handling the enterprise market and mid-market, he acknowledged that what he learned at SU is of great value. “Literally everything that I learned at SU is useful for my career as I’m now dealing with clients (marketing is very applicable), and a lot with finance, legal matters, and data as well,” stated

Iqbal proves himself to be a work-ready graduate. He adapts easily to professional life simply by managing his time well. “I blend work and life instead of treating both as different worlds,” he said.

Amid his responsibility for managing existing clients and doing acquisitions and partnerships with new clients, he takes time to take care of himself by eating, sleeping well, and working out regularly. He runs every day before going to the office and on weekends he is “trying to reflect”. He also learns about music, singing and social media in his spare time.

Iqbal is now striving to become an expert in Business Development, saying, “My latest professional experience that I have is highly related with Business Development, about how to develop the business and how to grow a business. I really enjoy it as it becomes the core of business.”

After his journey all along, Iqbal has grown into a tougher and wiser man. He never gets dejected to receive rejections. “I learn that the most important of all is how you gain experience and learn something new. Also, I learn not to envy other people’s achievements, but it is easier to be grateful for what we already have now.” (*/)

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