30 Oct 2019

We’re ready to bring World-Class U.S. Higher Education to Jakarta

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Sampoerna University is known for its one-of-its-kind Two-Degree Program that allows Indonesian children to earn an affordable bachelor’s degree from a U.S. university without leaving Jakarta. The program is made possible thanks to its partnership with the University of Arizona (UA).

To ensure that students at Sampoerna University who are taking the program get the same education quality and curriculum as ones applied at the main campus of University of Arizona in Tucson, there are several visitations from its representatives.

On 22 October 2019, Prof. Peiwen “Perry” Li who is currently serving as the Department Head of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona visited Sampoerna University and met with the Two-Degree Program students at the Mechanical Engineering study program.

He ensured that all of the students taking the program have fully understood the academic procedures, policies and rules, have known each faculty members that they can reach for academic consultation and assistance.

“UA has a good reputation among U.S universities and it wants to ensure that students taking the Two-Degree Program at Sampoerna University can entirely understand and adjust to the applicable rules and policies,” Li stated.

At the session, Perry explained that there are some opportunities for students who wish to continue their education to the Master Program at the University of Arizona. The head of Mechanical Engineering study program Farid Triawan, Dr. Eng. said that students who have great grades will have better chance to get accepted and get the recommendation from the faculty.

“We have talked with Prof. Li on how we can recommend the best students if they wish to continue,” he said. They would be interviewed and evaluated further at UA as the university has its own funding system and mechanism, he added.

On the following day (23 October), the alumnus of Energy and Power Engineering Program at Xi’an Jiaotong University, was sharing his knowledge at “New and Renewable Energy: Energy Storage System” general lecture.

He also motivated the students to explore the potential of solar energy source in Indonesia, saying,” This is the beauty of science. The more you do, the more you love it!”

The theme is relevant to Indonesia that is now struggling to shift to the cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy. The lecture was mandatory for all Mechanical Engineering students, especially for those who are at the moment taking Two-Degree Program.

Established in 1895 in Tucson, the university is one of the U.S. top public universities and ranked number 46 among U.S. Public Schools (according to U.S. News & World Report, 2019). The University of Arizona alumni also have a high employability rate (i.e. 92%) according to Employer Satisfaction Survey in the U.S. That means UA graduates have the skills to succeed on the job. (*/)

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