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Job Interview Examples, Questions, and Tips You Must Know

By July 27, 2022August 29th, 2022Articles
job interview

Interview is becoming the job selection stage that puts applicants in the most tension, it is the first step for someone to navigate a new life. Especially for new graduates who do not have experience with the questions asked when entering the job interview stage, worrying about giving the wrong answer becomes a fear in itself.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for examples of questions asked during an interview, because some of the questions companies often ask are the same thing. Job seekers need to prepare answers as well and as good as possible, according to the job position applied for during a job interview so that companies are interested in recruiting.

Job Interview Questions

  • Tell Yourself

It is a mandatory question asked by HRD during an interview, even though it sounds easy, but when an applicant enters the job interview room, the prospective applicant may feel nervous and make the wrong answer in a job interview. From that question, HRD evaluates the applicant’s personality, character and mindset.

  • What is Known About the Company

It is necessary to properly understand the company being applied for before conducting a job interview, find out about the company in detail. Valid information about the company can be obtained from the official website or their website because it is used as a job interview question, besides being memorized, of course it must be understood so as not to forget when you feel nervous during an interview.

  • What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Describing your strengths as strengths in dealing with job interviews, make sure the answers given are real and not made up. And make sure the advantages that are disclosed are related to the position or job position being applied for. To answer the shortcomings, can be expressed honestly but accompanied by solutions.

Sample Job Interview

job interview

When someone is at the job interview stage, one example of a question asked by HRD is the reason why he applied for a job at the company. This is usually used by the company to find out the motivation of the job applicant, try to avoid answers related to salaries from the company.

Then the scale of a large company to tell the company’s shortcomings in the previous workplace. Exposing the previous company’s shortcomings during a job interview is considered very bad and applicants will be branded as unloyalty workers. For the correct answer, try to match the character with the company’s vision.

Outfits Worn

  • Don’t Wear Denim Pants

Also known as jeans, these types of pants are widely used because they are fashionable in all situations but not during interviews. It is highly recommended not to wear jeans or denim pants, even if you work in the creative or media industries.

  • Wear Shirt

Is a formal dress that can be worn during a job interview, the choice of shirts that can be used also varies. From cotton, chiffon to silk, shirts give a simple yet formal impression.

  • Wear a Suit or Cardigan

Being a fashion item that becomes a fitting attribute when conducting a job interview, the impression when wearing a suit or cardigan is certainly professional. However, avoid using a suit or cardigan with a motif that is too prominent, dark colors are the recommended choice.

  • Pay attention to clothing motifs

Do not wear clothes with motifs that are too festive, such as flowers, animals and abstracts that can distract the interviewer. Choose a simpler clothing motif, such as a stripe or no pattern at all.

  • Pay attention to the color of clothes

There are several colors that should be used as a job interview outfit, according to color psychology. Here are some colors and indirect impressions given during the job interview process.

  • Blue: impressed confident, honest, loyal, stable and credibility.
  • Black: gives the impression of strength and leadership.
  • Gray: the impression that appears professional and less intimidating than black.
  • Chocolate: gives the impression of being confident, dependable and flexible.

Job Interview Tips

  • Avoid Convoluted Explanations

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about a job interview, even if the interview is done online. This tip really must be mastered is to answer all questions clearly, convoluted answers only keep applicants away from getting a job.

  • Don’t Think Too Long

A powerful tip for a job interview is not to think too long when answering questions. It is used to measure how far the ability to think quickly, considering that every job always has problems.

  • Straight Answers

Give diplomatic and intelligent answers, do not give grandiose answers because it is useless to give big answers but they are not in accordance with the reality and abilities of the applicant. Give an answer that corresponds to reality, because it gives additional value.

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