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Karin: “Professional Life Is Not As Hard As It Looks”

By December 26, 2019August 15th, 2022News & Event, News & Events Faculty of Business
Karin: “Professional Life Is Not As Hard As It Looks”

Professional Life At Sampoerna University, you will be equipped with hard and soft skills necessary to be able to compete at both the national and international level. Besides that, you will also be prepared to be “work-ready”. This means once you graduate, you are more than ready to land a job as young professionals in your respective fields.

Karin Kusuma Wardani is one of our successful graduates who ‘nail it’. Raised in an educated family, she felt that transitioning from university life to professional one is quite smooth. “Professional life is not as hard as it looks,” said the alumna of Management Finance Study Program in Sampoerna University (Intake 2012) graduating in 2016.

But her statement is not without a caveat: “(That is true) as long as you always strive to adjust to new environments and situations. Always try to bring out the best version of yourself and keep in mind to respect others as it is very important to show that you’re professional as well.”

She began to take a plunge into the professional world while working as an intern at PT. Nielsen Indonesia. “I interned in Consumer Insights Division for 4 months and worked as a Sales Executive in a German startup for about 10 months,” told Karin who loves music and teaches at a Sunday School.

With all her experience in a major company and startup, Karin shifted to entrepreneurship. Now she is busied with all the creative activities behind KAVAS JEWELS, a brand she co-founded along with her partner Chio.

“We started this brand in 2017 and have never stopped exploring new things ever since. We are also developing our brand not only through online channels but also several offline events,” she shared her entrepreneurial journey.

The brand continues to grow. In 2018, it was selected as one of Top 30 Local Brands in Jakarta by Tokopedia Makerfest 2018. “We’ve participated in several exhibitions like Semasa Market, Land of Leisures Jogja also Public Garden in Singapore,” stated the budding business owner. For Kavas Jewels to grow more rapidly, she seeks and builds collaborations with several Indonesian fashion brands and designers for fashion spreads and fashion shows.

Karin remembered her days at Sampoerna University as “enjoyable moments” in her life. “I met with great lecturers and friends that colored my campus life. At Sampoerna University, I could meet my classmate Chio who turned out to be my partner in building our business as a local jewelry brand from Indonesia.”

As an entrepreneur, she attributed her success to her ability to manage personal finance and business cashflow smartly. “Luckily, I learned a lot about Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship at Sampoerna University. I now more skillfully manage my money and continue to apply this to my own business,” Karin honestly shared one of her keys to success in running the business.

Like most young entrepreneurs, Karin aims high for the future. She plans to develop her business to not just be a jewelry brand. “I want it to be a go-to lifestyle brand so that everyone in Indonesia can wear our products daily. Hopefully, Kavas can thrive as a company that will have significant impact on people’s lifestyle.”

To succeed like her, she advised that we start with ourselves. She elaborated: “It starts within you, so you need to believe in yourself that you will reach your dreams one day. It takes lot of courage, commitment and hardwork to be what you want to be. Keep on learning to always be the better version of yourself and do everything wholeheartedly.”

Are you interested in starting your own business like Karin? Don’t hesitate to find more information here (FOB webpage URL). Join our next OPEN DAY to learn more about opportunities to study Entrepreneurship in Sampoerna University. (*/)