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“Learn from Anyone and Anything to Become a Better Person”

By February 6, 2020August 15th, 2022News & Event, News & Events Faculty of Business
Leharoy Pattiradjawane: “Learn from Anyone and Anything to Become a Better Person”

Born to a humble family in Ambon, Leharoy Pattiradjawane is a talented, shrewd, young man with a huge plan in his life. “My plan is to build my own business in art and music. I want to start my own recording company,” said Leharoy who has four siblings.

His dream started to manifest in 2011. That year, Putera Sampoerna Foundation granted him a scholarship in Sampoerna University. For the young man, it was a tough decision since at that time he was also offered a scholarship from Sekolah Tinggi Intelijen Negara (STIN).

“Going to Sampoerna University turned out to be my best decision,” stated the Marketing Management student (intake 2014).

At this point, Leharoy was running an automotive business his family founded, requiring him to meet and interact with importers. For this reason, he gradually developed better communication skills. And his problem-solving skills also developed steadily.

“Yet, Sampoerna University taught me to master all the skills that I need in this kind of working environment. Communication skills, good English, stress management and many other valuable things! That time, I was thinking that I’d made the right decision!” he said. Simply put, he effortlessly adapted to the world. “I feel I’m just blessed to be part of Sampoerna University, preparing me to face this kind of situation. All the workshops and seminars really paid off!”

In his spare time, Leharoy always plays the piano and sings. “Also, I landed lots of singing gigs and happily I got paid for that. It’s like I get paid for doing the things I like to do most!” told Leharoy who has garnered quite a huge following on his YouTube channel.

He has a piece of advice for his juniors. “As you open a new chapter in your life at Sampoerna University, remember that it will be a challenging yet exciting and illuminating journey for you. Set your goals and work harder to achieve them. Learn from experts, lecturers, friends and even the janitor man! Because you can learn from anyone and anything to become a better person!” (*/)