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Mulyawan: “Spend Your Time Wisely, Be Humble and Flexible”

By February 24, 2020August 15th, 2022News & Event, News & Events Faculty of Business
Mulyawan: “Spend Your Time Wisely, Be Humble and Flexible”

Currently working in On-Board & SME’s Seller Development at an e-commerce company, Sampoerna University’s alumnus Mulyawan can feel the stark difference between his university life and professional life.

“Entering professional life makes me realize that college life and professional life are different. Once we step to professional life means that we should be ready to carry more responsibility on our shoulders,” said Wawan who used to be a student of the Faculty of Business, Cohort 2014.


How does he adapt to his current professional life? Wawan who majored in General Management shared some tips, “The first thing that I do is convince myself that this journey will be amazing and fun. By doing that hopefully, I can enjoy doing my job. Secondly, I observe and analyze the working environment (including the atmosphere, workflow, colleagues, rules and regulations and habits/ culture of the company). After I observe, I can adjust myself to the environment, so I will never experience culture shocks. Thirdly, I learn from the senior employees/ colleagues and always ask whenever I don’t understand anything yet. Lastly, I always ask for feedback from my coworkers and senior colleagues at the office so I can learn better what I can improve and what I should minimize.”

Since his young age, Wawan has been exposed to discipline and a supportive learning environment. In 2011, from Yogyakarta where he went to a junior high school, Wawan went to Sampoerna Academy Bogor (SAB), staying in the boarding school for three years. He finally graduated in 2014.

His journey to Sampoerna University was not smooth sailing. He needed to work hard to get great grades in all the subjects he took. “Taking two different programs in four years of my university life is so unforgettable. Balancing academic life and non-academic life, time management and making plans was my challenge. At some points, I wanted to give up, but I remember my hard work and what I’ve sacrificed to get what I’ve been dreaming of,” said Wawan who gave credits to his friends, family, and mentors as his reliable support system.


Among so many hard skills he learned at Sampoerna University, he mentioned some that he thinks helped him land his job: public speaking, operation management, principle or marketing, and business negotiation.

Becoming part of Sampoerna University also teaches Wawan how to build his character. “I learned about how to keep fighting no matter what happens. To succeed, I have to focus on my goals. Therefore, thank you Sampoerna University for allowing me to be part of you, to learn and develop with you.”

Wawan is enthusiastic about his current job because this is his first right after graduation. “I started to work a week before my thesis defense as a seller relation intern at At that time, I was so confused about whether I should take or leave it. But then I chose to take that opportunity. After 3.5 months of an internship, I was offered to work as an employee at the company,” said Wawan who is now assisting Small Medium Enterprises (SME) sellers to sell products at the marketplace. For him, internship opens the door to a real world.

To unwind amid his tight schedules, Wawan always works out at least twice a week after office hours. “I also read books especially self-improvement books since I have gotten a lot of inspiring stories that help me understand myself better,” explained the young man who also loves to explore places he has never visited before. He loves cultures so much that he wants to explore more cities in Indonesia and ASEAN region.

Wawan plans to have a team to help himself develop and achieve his entrepreneurial dream. “I am planning to found my own business with my friends in the creative industry and earn a master’s degree in Business Communications,” he shared his aspiration. He sees himself in 5-10 years transforming into a founder cum activist of a non-government organization that focuses on self-development.

Asked about his recipe for success, Wawan wisely answered that a definition of success is different, depending on how each person interprets it. But he has some advice for SU students: “Spend your time wisely, be humble, flexible and ready to work hard”. (*/)