Arum Megadistya

“My study and active participation in organizations at Sampoerna University built my management skills so I can juggle those tasks and get assignments done on time.”

Assistant Assurance, Ernst& Young Indonesia

Giovanni Marsie

“I learn how to overcome challenges, be open-minded, and be always up for any opportunities.”

Product Marketing Manager, Google Indonesia

Aldi Hartanto

“A clear picture of the real professional environment even before we graduated.”

GM of Investments, MDI Ventures

Buyung Sudrajat

“Graduating from Sampoerna University helped me land the opportunities to contribute to developing Indonesia’s education system.”

English Development Coordinator, British Council Indonesia

Nabila Mentari

“I can easily adapt and engage in the exchange of ideas for impactful initiatives.”

Global Graduate Programme, British American Tobacco

Jalu Kawiworo

“I’ve already landed my first job even before I graduated from Sampoerna University.”

Jr. Controller, Bosch Indonesia

Ni Putu Ayu Frida Ningsih

“Sampoerna University has equipped me with knowledge and skills that are required to compete in the professional world.”

Partner Relationship Management, PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia

Maria Deborah

“Sampoerna University has honed my critical thinking skills which are vital to me as a professional.”

Associate Consultant, KPMG Indonesia

Fariz Kharismawan

“Studying at Sampoerna University helps me improve my public speaking ability.”

Sr. Marketing Analyst, Shopee Indonesia

Sahlan Effendi

“My dream career in an international company is not a dream anymore!”

Community Operation Specialist, Teledirect Bangkok

Lukman Hakim

“Act locally but think globally! At Sampoerna University you’ll get chances to create a lot of experiences beyond class.”

Business Development Manager, GO-JEK Indonesia

Transfer Students

Faye Victoria Arif

Business Management

The Eller College of Management at The University of Arizona

Muhamad Rafi Fadhil

Food Science Technology

Pennsylvania State University

Rashid Husain


Indiana University-Bloomington

I Gede Raditya Permana

Mechanical Engineering

Lousiana State University

Samuel Christian Hidajat

Mechanical Engineering

Lousiana State University

Philip Jeremy Renata

Business Management

University of Missouri

Aldy Rizky Priyambodo

Mechanical Engineering

Lousiana State University

Mia Rismalia

Mechanical Engineering

Lousiana State University

M.Arief Billah

Mechanical Engineering

Lousiana State University

Edselmo Biondi

Mechanical Engineering

University of Arizona

Clement Glenaldo Liong

Industrial Engineering

University of Arizona

William Surjana

Industrial Engineering

University of Arizona

Fabian Mokoginta

Management Information Systems

Colorado State University


Sampoerna University prepares its students not only to excel at the undergraduate level but also to think, perform, and grow to a more advanced level. Below is the list of overseas graduate programs  to which some of our alumni continue their education.

United Kingdom
United State
South Korea
Other Countries

News and Events

News & Event

Sampoerna University Co-Hosts the 7th International Conference on Electric Vehicular Technology (ICEVT) 2022 to Support the Battery-Based Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

Jakarta, 16 September 2022 — The Indonesian government is promoting the use of battery-powered electric vehicles. One of the efforts is to require central and regional governments to use electric vehicles as official vehicles, the regulations outlined in the Presidential…
digital literacy Netiquette and Internet Safety
News & Event

Digital Literacy: Netiquette and Internet Safety

The internet plays a huge part in our daily lives nowadays. We can even agree that without access to the internet, many aspects of our lives will become inconvenient. However, despite all the good things the internet can bring us,…
Dedy Priyanto, Ph.D.
News & Event

Japan’s Energy Transition towards Zero-Emissio

Fossil fuel, such as coal, gas, and oil, has been powering the world’s economic engines and it is the most consumed energy to produce electricity or vehicle fuel for more than a century. However, it also has been generating more…


Volunteering offers a lot of benefits, from making a difference to sharing experiences. Our alumni are welcome to get involved as speakers in our campus activities.