14 Mar 2022

Philosophy Is A Science That Has Many Benefits In Life


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Philosophy is one of the most interesting sciences to pay attention to, philosophy is a science that gives birth to thoughts about various things. By using a deeper and more meaningful approach, it can be seen from the wise thoughts of their experts such as Socrates, Plato, Immanuel Kant, and so on.

Philosophy is the study of the nature of reality and existence, of what may be known to be right or wrong. The general assumption about philosophy is that it is high, difficult, abstract, and not related to the problems of everyday life. Philosophers are often described as geniuses.

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia which means love of wisdom, philosophy is the most important field of human thought because it aspires to achieve the ultimate meaning of life. Although for some people the way of thinking in philosophy is seen as a convoluted and boring thing.

The way of thinking in philosophy is very insightful, the basic thoughts put forward by philosophers in the past are also still a reference in seeing various problems that arise in the modern world. It is not wrong if philosophy is said to be the science of how to search for meaning in various things.

Basically, every science has its own uniqueness that distinguishes each other, besides that it also provides benefits and has uses in life. You could say philosophy is the most important field of human thought because it has a very crucial goal for human life.

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Understanding Philosophy According to Experts

  • According to Bertrand Russell

Philosophy can be said as an attempt by someone to answer questions not dogmatically or superficially as when doing daily activities. But giving critical answers, namely by investigating the problems that arise from the questions that arise, these answers will later become the basis for living life.

  • According to Immanuel Kant

The philosophy of science which is the base and peak of all knowledge is covered in four issues, namely what can be known (metaphysics), what should be done (ethics), what is our hope (religion), and what is human nature (anthropology).

  • According to W.J.S Poerwadarminta

Philosophy is knowledge and investigation using reason regarding causes, legal principles, and so on. Consider everything that exists in the universe as well as knowing the truth and meaning of the existence of something.

  • According to Mudhofir

If the word philosophy refers to the origin of the words philen and sophos, it means loving the wise nature as an adjective. When referring to the origin of the words philos and sophia, it means the friend of wisdom or wisdom as a thing.

  • According to Nasroen

Philosophy is the result of a human review of himself, the meaning of nature, and the purpose of life by using the mind and assisted by feelings and beliefs within the self. As a unit, either in influencing or helping others, philosophy is used as a guide in giving meaning to life.

Pancasila Philosophy

Pancasila as a philosophical system is a unity of interrelated parts, that also works together between one precept and another to achieve certain goals and as a whole is a unified whole to have several core principles, values, and basic foundations.


Philosophy Is A Useful Science in Life

After knowing what philosophy is, a definition from experts, one of these types of knowledge that can bring several benefits when studied. Philosophy is a type of science that is considered less practical or touches technical things, although that does not mean it is useless:

  • Encourage critical thinking by looking at the nature or basis of the problem to develop questions from the answers obtained.
  • Making a wise way of thinking, someone who studies philosophy based on the love of wisdom.
  • Making someone think and reflect, act following the beliefs held.

In finding solutions to problems, it is claimed that it will be much helpful to use the science of philosophy because it is a part of one’s beliefs and actions. Even though it is unconsciously, with reason plus rationality and honesty, humans can reflect on the results of thought processes with scope and boundaries.

Philosophy is the oldest science because philosophy is the basis of all the basics of thinking that requires solving the questions and problems of life in human thought, then giving birth to various branches of science. Philosophy touches various dimensions of human life, the reality of life, honesty of the heart, and reflection of the mood of the soul.

Discussion about philosophy only spread in the early 20th century, although Francis Bacon with the induction method presented in the nineteenth century can be said to be the basis of the philosophy of science in general. The development and problems of philosophy can be seen, very influential in bringing the science of philosophy as a branch that examines in depth from philosophy itself.

Based on the discussion described above, it can be understood about the meaning of philosophy and the benefits of studying it for life. By studying philosophy, science and technology can develop rapidly.

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