10 Nov 2022

Psychology Program at Sampoerna University: What are the Prospects?

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The Department of Psychology is a science that studies behavior and mental processes of a human in everyday life. This department is divided into two parts, which are professional psychology related to the practice of this major, while the other is included in pure science and applied science.

Sampoerna University as a leading campus in Indonesia with an international curriculum offers an educational experience with the Psychology major that reflects the need for innovation to face current challenges and produce competitive graduates who are able to compete in their fields in Indonesia.

What is a Psychology Program? 

The Department of Psychology is one of the sciences that studies human beings, such as their behavior and the soul that influences these actions. As an example in the social context, by observing how humans interact with their environment or how humans behave to their position in an organization or company.

In the Department of this major, students will be invited to research human thinking and look for the causes behind their behavior. In this case, it means that students will study humans as individuals by paying attention to each background they have.

Humans are unique creatures, therefore when every individual given the same stimulus, they might have a different response. This can be influenced by knowledge, feelings, experiences, expectations, and other factors.

Why This Program?



There are several advantages and reasons why you should choose this major. Here is an explanation.

  1. Every company, both government agencies, BUMN, and private companies requires this major graduates to manage human resources, recruit new employees, organize training programs, and others.
  2. This department has a strong assessment function, therefore it is needed to map individuals based on their character and expertise.
  3. Graduates from this major can also join a this major consultant or set up their own company, which they can also become an HR Consultant. You can offer consulting services to companies that have problems with their HR.
  4. As an HR Consultant with a this major graduate, you will often be asked to fill in various career preparation training, personality development, and also the development of employee skills in companies.
  5. This major is quite promising, because there are many job opportunities for graduates majoring in Psychology, such as becoming a Psychologist who handles various cases related to the human psyche.

Required Skills 

There are characteristics of a person who is suitable to major in this field. The following are the characteristics or skills required for this major.

  • Thorough, detailed, and diligent
  • Have interpersonal skills
  • Able to work in team
  • Problem solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to read data
  • Able to do analysis
  • Assessment ability
  • Expertise in using test kits
  • Able to manage empathy

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Psychology Program Courses

Even though you majored in psychology, you will still study mathematics. Basically this science uses research with statistical mathematics as its basis. The following are the complete courses that will be studied in the this major.

  • Social Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Communication
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Range of Human Development
  • Biopsychology
  • Personality Theories
  • Basic Assessment
  • Theory and Application of Psychological Measurement
  • Mental Health
  • Psychometry
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Psychological Code of Ethics
  • Counseling
  • Pathology & Social Rehabilitation
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Adolescent Psychological Problems
  • Psychogeriatrics
  • Andragogy
  • Human Resources Management
  • School Psychology
  • Counseling Guidance
  • Psychological Intervention
  • ARBK Educational Psychology
  • Mental Disorders
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology Integration
  • Physiological
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Psychology of Early Childhood Development
  • Psychogerontology

Psychology Program at Sampoerna University


Are you looking for a university that has a Psychology major? You can choose Sampoerna University to study this major. Sampoerna University is one of the best universities in Indonesia with an international curriculum that creates excellent and competitive graduates.

The Psychology Department at Sampoerna University provides opportunities for students to study complex minds, how the human mind and brain evolve from infancy to old age, environmental influences in shaping behavior, and the effects of brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and autism.

The Excellence of Psychology Program at Sampoerna University

Students will gain new knowledge in the fields of cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience, including performance, sensation, perception, language, thinking, decision making, and judgment.

In addition, students will also get benefits from studying at Sampoerna University, such as small size class to focused learning, the University of Arizona’s Dual Enrollment program, also knowledge and skills that will be acquired through classroom learning, undergraduate research, and hands-on practice. 

  1. Teaching and learning supported by the latest technology.
  2. High employment rate and acceptance to the best companies.
  3. Focus on the delivery of relevant academic programs.
  4. English as the medium of instruction.
  5. Learn from the best educators.
  6. International standard curriculum.

Career Path of Psychology Program at Sampoerna University

How are the job prospects of a psychology major? There is no need to worry when taking this major at Sampoerna University. It produces top graduates in Indonesia, where these graduates find jobs easily around 2-3 months after graduation.

Approximately 25% of this major graduates continue to postgraduate in Psychology and related fields. For graduates who wants to work, a Psychology degree helps secure many types of jobs, including:

  • Benefits Manager
  • Career/Employment Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Child Development Specialist
  • Community Organizer
  • Management Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Personnel Recruiter
  • Project Assessor
  • Psychiatric Assistant
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Public Relations
  • Correctional Officer
  • Disability Case Manager
  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • Human Resources Advisor
  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Research Assistant
  • Social Service Assistant
  • Substance Abuse Counselor

This program makes Psychology graduates at Sampoerna University able to compete and be competent in Indonesia. Let’s make all dreams come true with Sampoerna University. 

For further information regarding registration, curriculum, visits, and information about Sampoerna University, please fill in the data below.

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