11 Dec 2023

ReadNest Community Service Initiative: Igniting a Love for Books in the Digital Age.

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In a world increasingly dominated by digital media, the community service initiative ReadNest was introduced by the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) in collaboration with the FET Student Executive Body (BEM) to revive the reading culture among young people. This program aims to enhance literacy skills and foster a love for reading among elementary school students, addressing an essential need in today’s rapidly changing and technology-driven society. The ReadNest initiative, a community service project, recently concluded with remarkable success. This initiative, a collaboration between the FET Community Service and the BEM KM FET 2023/2024 at Sampoerna University, has made progress in improving literacy among elementary school students. The event was held at SDN Gadog 2 Sukajadi in Bogor, West Java.


The initiative included setting up a mini library, complete with quality bookshelves and an efficient library information system. The main activities of this program were interactive storytelling sessions, educational games, and comprehensive digital literacy training, designed to engage and educate elementary school students in a fun and interactive way.



The initiative was carried out by lecturers and students from the Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Visual Communication Design study programs at Sampoerna University. Each part played a vital role in the success of this project. They brought these activities to the enthusiastic elementary school students of SDN Gadog 2 Sukajadi, Bogor, who were the primary beneficiaries of this program.


The ReadNest initiative received highly positive feedback. A survey conducted at the end of the event showed a significant increase in student engagement and reading comprehension abilities. The initiative was appreciated by educators, community members, and the participating students themselves for its innovative approach and meaningful impact.



The ReadNest initiative is proof of the power of collaborative community service. Its success has opened doors for future initiatives and set a precedent for similar programs aimed at empowering young learners. The collaboration between the FET Community Service and the 2023/2024 FET KM BEM at Sampoerna University has not only been beneficial for the participants but also serves as an excellent example of community engagement and educational development.


A link to the video of the activities can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhD03WbIy6E



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