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Sampoerna University’s Research & Community Service Dissemination

Research and Community Service

Research and Community As a higher education institution operating in Indonesia, Sampoerna University adheres to and put Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi into practice. Roughly defined, Tri Dharma PT consists of three pillars of university duties. In order for a university to be called accomplished and complete, it must have all these three components: Education; Research and Development; and Dedication to Society.

On Friday (8/ 23/ 2019), pertinent to second element (i.e. Research and Development), Sampoerna University held Research and Community Service Dissemination Day titled “From Research to Society, then to Teaching: Lessons Learned from the Field.”  The research findings and community service activities were exhibited by the Center for Research and Community Service (CRCS) at Creativity Center 1 and 2, on 7th floor, L’Avenue Office Building.


The research fields shown here were conducted by faculty members of the university from Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Business and Faculty of Education.

All of the studies encompass various disciplines that focus on real life, actual problems and phenomena  such as “Does Religiosity Matter in Switching from Conventional to Islamic Insurance? (Evidence from Indonesia)” by Christian H. Pangaribuan and Ivan Butar, Ph. D. and “Development of Kaizen Transferability Model in Non-Japanese Cultures” by Ammar Aamer. (*/)