21 Feb 2024

Sampoerna University Celebrates Student Achievements in January 2024


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Sampoerna University proudly celebrates the outstanding achievements of our students in January 2024, highlighting their remarkable success in various prestigious competitions. These achievements underscore the University’s commitment to fostering holistic development and preparing students for the challenges of the global arena.

Alfred Juliant Susanto and James Seby Coronado Bacus proudly receiving the Novice Champions title at the Asian English Olympics 2024

Alfred Juliant Susanto and James Seby Coronado Bacus: Novice Champions at the Asian English Olympics 2024

Alfred Juliant Susanto, a Mechanical Engineering graduate of 2022, and James Seby Coronado Bacus, an Accounting student from the class of 2023, showcased exemplary debating skills at the Asian English Olympics 2024 (AEO 2024). Held at Binus University on February 3, 2024, the AEO 2024 is a prominent international competition organized by Bina Nusantara English Club, attracting participants from six nations.


The AEO 2024 featured eight competition areas, including Speech, Debate, Newscasting, Storytelling, Spelling Bee, Radio Drama, Short Story Writing, and Scrabble. Representing Sampoerna University, Alfred and Seby participated in the novice category of the debate competition. They navigated through discussions on diverse topics, demonstrating their proficiency in areas such as geopolitics, democracy, electric vehicles, religion, life decisions, and video game regulation.


Following rigorous rounds of competition, Alfred and Seby emerged victorious, receiving the coveted title of Novice Champions in the AEO 2024. Their remarkable achievement not only reflects their dedication and talent but also underscores Sampoerna University’s commitment to nurturing students’ intellectual prowess and communication skills.




Gisella Karina Emaputri achieved the title of First Runner-Up and earned the accolade of Best Intelligentsia at the Mister and Miss Grand Tourism 2024.



Gisella Karina Emaputri: First Runner-Up  and Best Intelligentsia at the Mister and Miss Grand Tourism 2024

Gisella Karina Emaputri, an Industrial Engineering student from the class of 2021, showcased exceptional grace and intelligence at the Mister and Miss Grand Tourism 2024 competition. Held on January 19, 2024, at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, this prestigious event featured 47 finalists competing to become Indonesia’s official tourism ambassador.


Representing DKI Jakarta, Gisella captivated the audience and judges with her eloquence and modeling prowess. She earned the accolade of 2nd Winner and was honored with the Best Intelligentsia award for her articulate responses to philosophical questions and insightful perspectives on the tourism sector.


Gisella’s innovative proposal to leverage social media for enhancing tourism in DKI Jakarta further demonstrated her strategic thinking and commitment to promoting Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage. Her exceptional performance throughout the competition, spanning four stages of the grand finale, earned her well-deserved recognition and acclaim.




Beatrice Hillary Sinawang takes home the coveted Best Presentation Award at the ICCMB 2024


Beatrice Hillary Sinawang Wins Best Presentation Award at ICCMB 2024

Beatrice Hillary Sinawang, a standout Industrial Engineering student from Sampoerna University, has emerged victorious at the 7th International Conference on Computers in Management & Business (ICCMB 2024). Held from January 12 to 14 in Singapore, this prestigious event brought together leading minds in the field of business and management. Representing Sampoerna University, Beatrice presented her research titled “Optimizing Value Proposition and Customer Engagement in Mobile Applications: Using UML with Process Chain Analysis.” Her innovative approach, which utilized a multi-criteria decision tree, provided actionable insights for enhancing customer engagement in coffee chain mobile applications. Beatrice’s exceptional presentation skills and groundbreaking findings garnered her the Best Presentation Award, affirming Sampoerna University’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and innovative thinking among its students.


Beatrice’s success at the ICCMB 2024 not only highlights her academic prowess but also underscores the University’s dedication to preparing students for success on the global stage. Through initiatives that promote research, critical thinking, and effective communication, Sampoerna University empowers students like Beatrice to make meaningful contributions to their respective fields and excel in international competitions.


Victoria Del Gracia Matahelumual: MBKM Awardee, January – August 2024


Victoria Del Gracia Matahelumual, an Accounting student from Sampoerna University’s class of 2021, has been honored as a Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) Awardee at Universitas Hasanuddin, marking a significant milestone in her academic journey. The MBKM Program, an initiative by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, aims to empower students by providing greater flexibility and opportunities for academic growth. Selected from a competitive pool of 1,328 participants, Victoria’s journey involved rigorous assessments, including administrative screening and the Value Clarification and Attitude Transformation test (VCAT Test).


Victoria’s selection as one of the 350 candidates underscores her dedication and commitment to academic excellence. Through the MBKM Program, she will embark on a transformative learning experience at Universitas Hasanuddin from January to August 2024. This prestigious opportunity not only highlights Victoria’s academic prowess but also exemplifies Sampoerna University’s commitment to nurturing empowered and adaptable learners ready to thrive in an ever-changing world. Victoria’s journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing the transformative impact of initiatives aimed at empowering students and fostering holistic development.



Sampoerna University: Nurturing Excellence Beyond Academics

Sampoerna University, with our U.S. standards of education, is dedicated to empowering students to excel not only academically but also in various non-academic pursuits. Through a holistic approach to education, the University supports students in honing their talents, fostering critical thinking, and developing essential life skills.

Moreover, Sampoerna University emphasizes real-life learning experiences, ensuring that students are equipped to navigate the complexities of the workforce upon graduation. Through hands-on projects, internships, extracurricular activities, and participating in competitions,  students gain practical insights and valuable insights into their respective fields, preparing them to make meaningful contributions to society.

As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of Alfred Juliant Susanto, James Seby Coronado Bacus, Gisella Karina Emaputri, and all our students, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment where excellence thrives and dreams are realized.

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