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Sampoerna University Co-Hosts the 7th ICEVT 2022

Jakarta, 16 September 2022 — The Indonesian government is promoting the use of battery-powered electric vehicles. One of the efforts is to require central and regional governments to use electric vehicles as official vehicles, the regulations outlined in the Presidential Instruction of the Republic of Indonesia (Inpres) Number 7 of 2022, which was issued on September 13, 2022[1]. Sampoerna University, in collaboration with several other universities, co-hosted the 7th International Conference on Electric Vehicular Technology (ICEVT) 2022 in Bali on September 14-16, 2022.

The goal of ICEVT 2022 is to provide opportunities for different areas delegates, both national and international, in the field of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology to exchange new ideas and application experiences and establish friendly relationships among peers for future global collaboration.

Several well-known speakers from around the world attended the conference, including Prof. Akira Chiba, Ph.D, FIEEE (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), Dr. Sigit P. Santosa (PT PINDAD, Indonesia), and Dr. M. V. Reddy (Nouveau Monde Graphite, Canada) to discuss various topics regarding the latest developments in electric vehicles and sustainable mobility research.

Dr. Eng. Farid Triawan, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program at Sampoerna University and ICEVT 2022 Advisory Board, stated, “The academics and industry practitioners have been working together to develop the necessary technology to make the policy into reality, such as by developing the national made electric vehicle, developing battery technology for the electric vehicle, as well as the Socio-economic impact of electric vehicles.”

Through this opportunity, the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of Sampoerna University fulfills its commitment to conduct various innovative research in the field of Engineering and technology area that benefits society and the country. This is indicated by the selection of three research papers from Sampoerna University to be presented orally at the conference: Multi-Agent Formation Control using Internal Model Principle by Dr. Djati Wibowo (Sampoerna University Mechanical Engineering Lecturer), Experimental Study on the Compression and Buckling Properties of 3D Printed PLA Materials by Laela Nur Fitria (Sampoerna University Mechanical Engineering Student), and Finite Element Analysis of LATP Solid Electrolyte under Compressive Loading by Siti Zulaikah (Sampoerna University Mechanical Engineering Student).

“Various researches about electric vehicle and its supporting technologies are conducted to help Indonesia to end its dependency on fossil fuels, thus the ballooning subsidies for the gasoline price could be diminished in the future. We are delighted knowing our students are also involved in this activity, so not only do they get the opportunity to study and gain exposure in the international sphere, but we also grow the quality of human resources who are competent in their fields,” said Farid.

For information, Sampoerna University’s Mechanical Engineering Study Program has been actively conducting research and development activities related to electric vehicle technology. In collaboration with Institut Teknologi Bandung, the Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory in Sampoerna University is developing the three-wheels electric vehicle for goods delivery purpose. Moreover, Sampoerna University’s Student Automotive Club have developed an electric vehicle from the design until the fabrication stages.