06 Mar 2023

Sampoerna University Collaboration with Borobudur University

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The modern world of work is changing rapidly. While on the one hand, this change can be exciting because it creates new opportunities, but it also creates more complexity and risks in the way we work.

Sampoerna University (SU) and Borobudur University (BU) explore the key trends in business transformation and operational excellence through their collaboration in the second Webinar Series on Operational Excellence held on February 11th, 2023 at the Prof. Basir Bartos Room at BU.

The event was kicked off with greetings from Ir. Wahyu Inggar Fipiana, MM, the Dean of the Faculty of engineering at UB, followed by opening remarks from the SU Dean, Surya Danusaputro Liman, Ph.D.

This second event raised the topic of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Research and Implementation, with speakers Mr. Filscha Nurprihatin, ST, MT., and Mr. Mawan Arifin, ST, MM. Mr. Filscha discussed TPM from a research perspective, exploring the various ways in which TPM has been studied and the insights that have been gained from this research. Mr. Mawan provided an implementation perspective on TPM, drawing on his experience in the automotive industry. Both speakers are experts in their fields and have extensive knowledge and experience in TPM.

TPM is a crucial aspect of industrial engineering and is critical in driving efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and other industrial settings. TPM focuses on involving all employees in maintenance to improve equipment efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance overall productivity. By implementing TPM, companies can realize significant improvements in their operations and competitiveness.

The webinar provided valuable insights into the topic of TPM, and the attendees were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of TPM, from both a research and implementation perspective. With the insights and knowledge gained from this webinar, the attendees are well-equipped to implement TPM in their organizations and drive greater efficiency and productivity.

Overall, the Webinar Series on Operation Excellence continues to be a valuable platform for sharing knowledge and ideas between SU and BU, and both universities are committed to making the most of this collaboration for the benefit of their students and communities.

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