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SU Seeks Research Collaboration at Japan’s Top Tech Campus

Sampoerna University as Guest Lecturer in Tokyo

In order for scientists and engineers to create innovations and breakthroughs in their respective fields, Sampoerna University believes strongly that strong collaborations are to be forged among them.

With this in mind, Prof. Farid Triawan (Head of Mechanical Engineering at Sampoerna University) visited the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering (TSE) of Tokyo Tech on June 12 – 14, 2019. Prof. Farid is an alumnus of Tokyo Institute of Technology (also known as “Tokyo Tech”).

During his visit, he met with his former co-lecturers at Tokyo Tech and professors for on-going research collaborations and improvements in GSEP (Global Scientists and Engineers Program).

He was invited for a series of activities such as research work and a guest lecture. “The purpose of my visit was to reunite and build stronger networks with the GSEP students, co-faculty and my Indonesian colleagues on campus,” the professor stated in details.

He added that he shared his recent experiences with the GSEP students as a faculty member of Sampoerna University. “I talked about my research works since my return in Jakarta which strengthened my impression of transdisciplinary engineering,” Prof. Farid replied. In this modern age, we are surrounded by products, actions, or projects that consist or require transdisciplinary concepts.

Prof. Farid earned his master’s and doctoral degree at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tokyo Tech. Located in the southern Tokyo district, Tokyo Tech is ranked number 7 in the Japan University Rankings and 251-300 in World University Rankings in 2019 by The World University Rankings.

After spending time working for Torishima Pump in Osaka, he joined TSE as a specially-appointed lecturer of GSEP. Having contributed to the GSEP, he returned to Jakarta in 2018 and joined Sampoerna University as head of its Department of Mechanical Engineering. “As with my recent move to become an educator in Indonesia, I also challenge the students to give back to their home countries someday,” he elaborated.  (*/)